Why?: Thank you Sarah Palin TV Ads Air for the Holidays

“What were those ingredients again for the moose chili?” That is my favorite line from this video.  Oh my goodness!  Does this PAC think that this crazy video is going to help Palin?  It’s like seeing someone run down the street naked.  It’s really interesting for the momment, but after you’re just like, “WTF, was that.”  That’s how I feel after watching this.  WTF?

CNN says…
The Our Country Deserves Better PAC has begun running spots in Alaska — two 60-second ads, and two 30-second versions — that pay tribute to Palin, with plans to expand the ad buy to the rest of the country sometime this week.

“Governor Palin inspired millions of Americans by fighting for common sense conservative principles in a positive and uplifting manner,” chief strategist Sal Russo said in a statement. “I worked with President Ronald Reagan since his first days in the California Governor’s Office, and I can tell you that I see so many similarities between President Reagan and Governor Palin.”

The 60-second Thanksgiving-themed spot — which comes days after footage of a Palin interview on a turkey farm hit the airwaves — also points to the Alaska governor’s fondness for moose chili as a turkey alternative.

The PAC — which sponsored the “Stop Obama Now” bus tour during the campaign season — said it plans to spend at least $50,000 airing the ads in Alaska. It has not yet released details of the ad buy on national broadcast and cable networks.

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One response to “Why?: Thank you Sarah Palin TV Ads Air for the Holidays

  1. Dave

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