Real Housewives of Atlanta: The reunion was GHETTO as hell

I’m sorry…I really, really didn’t want to speak on the Real Housewives of Atlanta at all. Sure, like a lot of folks out there I watched the show as a guilty little pleasure. You have to admit, it is entertaining television.

I watched the reunion show last night and I must say…they were in rare form. Rare! Oh my goodness. I really thought someone’s weave or wig was going to fly across the screen. Here are my thoughts:

  • Ne Ne saying that the rumors of her bring an ex-stripper are false because she currently strips, but only strips for her husband was one of the best lines of the night.
  • Lisa should have let Ne Ne loose. I would have been ok with her getting one good slap in on Kim. lol
  • Kim, why would you elude to the fact that you are wearing a wig because you have cancer and then take it back in the next few sentences. You sound crazy? I was sitting there thinking…ok…do you have some other terrible disease? Sexually transmitted maybe (I only say that because that was my reaction to the fact she said she didn’t want to talk about it. If you’ll mention cancer but not another disease…what do you have to hide?) Oh, and let me not forget to mention that Dallas Austin has publicly said that he and Kim are not working together and that he was just working with her for TV on his Myspace blog.
  • I love Dwight!!! He is fierce! Note to Bravo: He needs his own show!
  • What was up with the hole in Sheree’s sweater? Did a fight breakout before the taping?
  • Was it just me or was DeShawn a little less perky now she’s gone through the after-show drama and commenting/gossip (online and otherwise) that has surely taken her through the ringer for her extravagance, her servants, and the failed fundraiser?
  • Lisa??? You were the good one, right? What in the world did Kim do to push her buttons. She looked like she was about to take her earrings off and whop Kim’s a**.

Like Flavor Flav’s reality show dating journey, I knew this show was going to be a general train wreck before it even started airing. Sure, I thought about blogging about it just for the web traffic. In the end, I didn’t see a good reason to add to the fray of negativity that was the show and that was created around the show. Bloggers and those commenting on blogs and posts online have been vicious, but…can you blame them. The RHOA is flat out embarrassing. Period. Why? A show focused on 4 black women and one white woman = a “black show”. Black people like to see black shows that portray black women with class and dignity.

Let me clarify. We like those uplifting shows with class and dignity, but we will damn near watch anything with a black person on it, regardless of how we are portrayed. Anything!!!! Let me just repeat that. African Americans, I’m sorry but it’s true.

In the end, this show was entertaining but it’s not forwarding the cause of black, feminine equality and pride. Hell no! That was never the intent, right?


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6 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta: The reunion was GHETTO as hell

  1. I didn’t get to see all of it. I do know NeNe has always been my favorite.

    I wondered the same thing about Sheree sweater.

    Lisa and Kim are into it because, Kim has been spreading lies on Lisa. Kim and Sheree was a movie taping and she said Lisa don’t have her kids because she was on drugs.
    Kim has since put a restraining order on Lisa.

    Dwight does need his on show. I would love just to party with him.

    Kim never liked and she is a mess..

    Deshawn was the sweetheart. I wish she would have said more.

  2. elle

    Dwight is supposed to be getting his own show!!! It’s called ‘Behind the Purple Door’

  3. E Zora Knight

    – First none of them live in the areas of Atlanta where the “real money” resides.
    – Only “three of the five” are house wives, and I question Nee-Nee considering the classic motto “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife.”
    – Nee Nee is extremely messy and classless. She embodies the negativity associated with African American/black women. Really, good, bad or indifferent was it really “cool” for her to diss Kim like that? And she went on and on like a jealous f’ing lover regarding Kim and Sheree’s made for television friendship.
    – Kim was dumb in believing that she was forging true friendships with any of them. She is a white female and these are African American/black women! At the end of the day, most Sisters will be themselves and gang up on her ass. I saw it coming a mile away.
    – The “hole” in Sheree’s sweater was part of the design.
    – Lisa “got crunk” because she was being outted for her ongoing duplicitous behavior. She was the behind the scene sh!t starter. She was not as innocent as she claimed/portrayed.
    – Shaunie, poor thing, I don’t know where to start. THEY ALL HATED ON HER! Especially Lisa Wu. None of them have the moneythe Snow’s have. She and Eric should run. You could see in his scenes that Eric wanted nothing to do with the Nee-nee mess!
    The thing that disappoints me most is that people can “accept” the others and their drama, yet I cannot accept Nee-Nee’s ghetto fab hot mess b-sh… In my opinion she, single handedly gave us as African American/Black Women a bad name for the entire world, courtesy of Bravo, to see. I am aware that the show is typecast to “create” conflict/drama = ratings, yet it is disappointing that MOST would embrace her and make her a “keepin’ it real sista”. I am aware it wouldn’t have been much of a show without her, but I do believe it would have been at the least more positive. It was painful to listen to her “faux bourgeoisie southern accent” as well as watch her face distort and twist anytime someone was attempting to do ANYTHING that didn’t include her or make her the center of attention. The way she hated on Kim and Sheree’s made for tv friendship was mad crazy. I know many Nee-Nee(s) and they are equally pathetic. Additionally, I believe most professional sisters wouldn’t give Nee Nee the time of day!

  4. Angie

    Ladies, Ladies, Ladies
    Don’t get to caught up in reality television. I believe each character had something unique to offer to the show. Ms. Knight, you sound to involved. Don’t be so judgmental. We are all human! I enjoyed the show as well as Ne Ne.

  5. look home girl ezora yell nee nee a little ghetto but that bitch knows how to get that money all them woman are grown just as well as you so you pick and chose who you wont to hang around with and all of them got there own issues and that have to spend so much time with other to flim the show so any time you put more than 2 woman toghter for a long time they are going to get kattie as kim would say. now ne ne you do need the chill out thougth i know that them cracker wont you to do and act a certain way but sometime no means no and you husband is a good one so if you wont to keep him stop acting like a in the close hoe.okk i love you even after all that i know what it feel like to be fine as hell and cant do what you wont but if you do not keep him i will find him and take him keep him and lock him up. okk lisa you are a messy bitch that talk to much and then you back down like a little bitch when the word follower was invented in was made for you ok remeber when sharee friend came to the house waming party and pucked you and nee nee down that shit was grand cause both of yall do got bigg ass mouth and will yall really do maybe not but skinny mannie got you jump bitch jump you wont to jump in a pool with your swimmers hair p.s. every one dont wont long hair and what is your race. kim you are a follower to and you two faced but i dont belivie that you said all that shit about nee nee and that supppose to be your friend and ok she sang a song about you but you never asked her were it came from you find another ass to crawl in sharee and wrong ass she been smelling her self for a while but if you like the same of fish you would because you snicky ass hell to just like she is and yall some hunger kat for real.and all yall can smell is pussy that way yall keep up some much mess.kandi what upp girl you keep it 100 read this shit to them upped bitch if that they dont get hood writing they old as hell so they might do not get I think it is great that you are about to marry Aj he seems great but he got 6 kids by 4 woman now i have five and four baby daddy and we all cool even the girl friends you feel me i got love for them and they got love for me but he is a man so i am not saying dont trust him but keep your paper work in order nigga do fucked up shit you know you been single for a while that shit must have hurt i feel you but dont fuck up your life you feel me make sure thar nigga is lejet (prenop) get you grin on hey aj what happen not dissing you but but after marriage may come other shit and you might try to k fed her ass and she to fine and sweet for all that she got to be a good woman she got you ass a nigga with six kids and if yall get married and you so happen to lost your job and go broke she got to pay your child support look it up kandi

  6. Educatedblksista

    Ne Ne is a fake! She’s loud, ghetto, have no class, a liar, a shit starter, and I think Kim & Kandi should whip that ass. She’s not tuff & she puts on a tuff girl act. She calls herself a “BITCH”, she’s not ran into a real “BITCH” yet. She needs to shut up & listen to what people are saying. She’s not always right.

    She’s always talking about how people stab her in the back but she is the back stabbing heffa. Lisa should watch her back with Ne Ne cause she will turn on her as well. Sharaee is doing good not being bothered with Ne Ne. Ne Ne is a jealous big foot amazon wanna be. I can’t stand her ass. I wish she would try that punk ass shit with me or any of my girls cause she would have been got handled.

    Nuff said, Ne Ne disguises me!!! Get rid of her ass.

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