I need tickets: Oprah bringing show to DC for Obama’s inauguration

Props to DCist for Twittering this…lol. I need tickets people. I’m going to be on Oprah’s website day and night looking for those tickets. Oh my goodness I will be getting no sleep from Jan 19-20…good Lord.

Access Hollywood gets the credit for the big scoop that Oprah Winfrey has announced she will bring her wildly popular television show to Washington for the presidential inauguration. The media magnate said she will broadcast from the Kennedy Center’s Opera House during the week of Jan. 20.

Washington is “the place to be,” she told the entertainment program.

The New York Times says Oprah will tape one show here for sure on Jan. 19, and then likely one more show that week, though the date is not yet confirmed. We’d put our money on Jan. 21.

We can almost hear her introducing her first show broadcast from our fair city now …

“Hellooo DEE-CEEEEEeeeee!”

Information about how to get tickets will be posted on Oprah.com next week.

Note: This post was quoted by the Wash Post Express. YAY!


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8 responses to “I need tickets: Oprah bringing show to DC for Obama’s inauguration

  1. Hello there!

    This will be incredible!

    I had a feeling that she would bring her show to the Inaugural events!!

    Washington DC folks will lose their minds!

  2. Keebee

    I went on Oprah.com and the inaugural tickets were already sold out! I can’t win!

  3. Me either. I had no luck too.

  4. Heynow

    They called me today im in yes yes yes

  5. I’m so so so jealous. Congrats!

  6. Toni Jule

    Heynow…would you be willing to sell your ticket…?

  7. Heynow

    I don’t think I can sell it, they only gave me two tickets and I had to put my guest name down when they called.

  8. Cecilia Goddard

    Can I get tickets to the show

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