LA Obama campaign worker Kaylon Johnson beaten, he says for wearing an Obama shirt

This is ridiculous. Please pass this story around and blog about it so this man can get justice (not Just Us, ya dig)!!! We send love out to this brother and hope for his speedy recovery.

This is Kaylon Johnson. has the full story on this man’s horrific beating this Saturday at a gas station.

“And the injuries showing in this picture are the result of an assault on Kaylon by three White men early Sunday morning … all because he was wearing an Obama shirt.

Kaylon was a key coordinator in the Shreveport [LA] for Obama campaign. His tireless efforts helped Caddo Parish go BLUE. He was probably wearing one of the t-shirts he was selling when he was attacked.”

Looks like a hate crime to me. Other reports note that his attackers were incensed by the Obama bumper stickers on Kaylon’s car and the Obama t-shirt Kaylon was wearing“.

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3 responses to “LA Obama campaign worker Kaylon Johnson beaten, he says for wearing an Obama shirt

  1. This is madness,what we can`t wear what we want anymore,then what we are to go back to wearing the loin cloths,oh no,not the Leaves!!,Hey yall get a grip,We have over came,the bull for the pass years,so why stop now ,hell wear your underwears on your head if you wanna,it`s your Thang!!

  2. Buy Obama T-shirts!

    It would be great to know if anyone has information that would enable buying Kaylon’s t-shirts on-line. I live in Japan so a trip to his store is out of the question but would like to show some support for him. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this horrible incident turned out to benefit Mr. Johnson?

  3. Due to the incredible outpouring of support and many kind wishes from around the world, an account has been established to for Kaylon Johnson to assist with his medical and legal bills. Anyone that would like to make a donation can do so at any Capital One Branch, the account information is below

    Bank Name: Capital One, Shreveport, LA
    Account Name: Kaylon R Johnson Donation Account
    Account Number: 5731909948

    Checks can be made out to KAYLON JOHNSON and mailed to the address below:
    The Kaylon R. Johnson Donation Fund c/o Handy Properties, LLC
    900 Market Street, Suite 208
    Shreveport, LA 71101

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