Holy Ghost Takeover…priceless

I’ve been on vacation since Obama won, but I’m now ready to be inserted back into the matrix. Below is one of my favorite videos for when I need a good laugh. I apologize in advance to those that might take offense. The first minute and a half is priceless…ashondo…



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9 responses to “Holy Ghost Takeover…priceless

  1. Mac

    After seeing this you should add a tab, “Why Negro?” Hilarious.

  2. Jarrett

    What is this woman speaking?

    Is that Hebrew just to introduce Sexual Chocolate?

  3. Yogi

    I must admit that was funny. Why you got me crackin up in the Philly airport!

  4. Joe

    Oh Lawd, it’s Evangelist McCracken!! LOL. Someone needs to talk to some of these gospel quartets, these suits and jheri curls that they wear went out of style 25 years ago!

  5. Asha

    Between the E-B-B-Shando, and the hicca ma shimah’s, you could get a real good laugh on that on alone. might as well have fun and say mistubishi, and momma rode a honda. look up “the holy ghost terrorizing the chuch”. Now that’s some funny stuff!!

  6. E-B-B-B Ashanti and Ja Rule … Okay now I remember why I stopped going to church in Virginia. My Auntie and Uncle David would appreciate this a lot more than I do. For one, he’s in a gospel group like this one and every Sunday after church they go into the garage with their instruments, a bible and a bottle of Noddy Head. And my auntie just likes to speak in tongue.


  7. wtf? what is she saying? haleeb b b b shalimah ? whut? too funny 🙂

  8. Blkirish,

    LMAO @ “E-B-B-B Ashanti and Ja Rule” Oh that is too funny!!!!

  9. worldharmony

    HEEEE E-B-B Ah shunamah!!!!
    What does that mean???

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