And now a word from Brother Cornel West

After I got through laughing at Darius Spearman’s hair (LOL LOL…what is going on on the right side of his head?) I was able to focus on the message.


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3 responses to “And now a word from Brother Cornel West

  1. Mac

    I thought the man was wearing one of those Eddie Murphy Golden Child hats until I saw that piece of hair waving to the audience.

  2. DJphoenix

    His hair is distracting and has become some type of symbol like Don King’s hair. I remember when Cornell’s hair used to be immaculate like Steve Harvey’s. Then he just stopped taking care of it and you see what you got. Who is to tell him how to wear his hair? No one can be blamed for not taking him seriously.

  3. The Revd. oonagh Ryan-King

    who cares about CW’s hair? ahhh, i have SUCH a CRUSH on this man. i once said he’s the only man for whom i’d leave my husband and my husband says, “funny, he’s the only man i’d ever leave YOU for!”

    ahhhh, if i could just take an on-line class. that would be enough. i’m not sure i could sit in a classroom without swooning….


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