Jay-Z remixes My President is Black – Live in DC 1/18/09

I don’t even want to hear Jeezy’s version any more after hearing this (much love to him and Nas). Grey Hova has to release this. Amazing. My President IS Black! His house is all white! I’m so happy to be in Washington DC right now.

NOTE: Um…black people, is it just me or were there an “uncomfortable” amount of N-words thrown about on this video given the subject matter they are celebrating. *Shaking My Head*


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3 responses to “Jay-Z remixes My President is Black – Live in DC 1/18/09

  1. Re: NOTE

    Look at my latest blog entry…

  2. kc

    oh yea! it’s on like ping pong, back n forth, forth n back, the white house is white and the president is black, g.w. was an era, Obama is in the sky, shinning like the truth, the truth aint no lie, if you can’t see that, wipe the crack’as out of yo eye’s, Obam’s the man, don’t need yo poligize. Its a brand new day, optimisum is the feel, help yo self and help another, love will reveal what it is your really lookin for, you already have, its sweet its beautiful might make you laugh. Life is serious, don’t read me wrong, lets make a life, don’t take a life, we will all get along.

  3. Please by all means – let them keep putting out songs like this one.

    This is the best way to dislodge the White Racist Liberals from their support of “the Black President”.

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