Juan Williams, get over yourself!

Juan Williams’ recent comments on the O’Reilly Factor regarding Michelle Obama were quite disturbing. Among other things, he stated that Michelle is basically a liability to Barack, her instinct is to blame America and play the victim, and likened her to Stockley Carmichael in a dress. This morning in an interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Roland Martin and Cybil Wilkes tried, unsuccessfully, to get him to see the damage he’s doing by making such comments. I thought they were being too polite (though I can tell Cybil was ready to go there), but I understand… Wow, how much do you really hate yourself Juan??? This disturbs me so much as we’re just coming off a beautiful inauguration celebration and appreciation for the loving black families that don’t get this type of spotlight. I agree with the analysis provided by News Hounds, even about Bill O’Reilly’s blamelessness in the whole matter. Let me add that I am not a fan of Juan Williams and would be quite careful about paying attention to any of his criticism of women given his sexual harassment charges back in the day at The Washington Post.  Yes,  Michelle is strong but that it not synonymous with angry, militant, or a liability. In Michelle Obama I see a strong, loving, supportive woman that is appreciated by her strong, loving, supportive husband as his partner in life. Sounds like someone has mommy issues…


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15 responses to “Juan Williams, get over yourself!

  1. I haven’t read the comments to which you’re referring, but any comments about marriages which criticise the wife/claim she’s a ‘liability’ to the husband always make me laugh. And you are dead right: she’s a strong and confident woman who is quitely clearly held in extremely high regard by her equally strong and confident man. End of story!

  2. Linda

    It’s time that someone speaks the truth about Michelle Obama. The liberal media has done nothing but present her as a saint when many of the blogs talk about Michelle Obama in very unflattering terms.

  3. Jarrett

    Juan Williams is a voice a black reason? Really?

  4. mypov

    Juan “Uncle Tom/Uncle Ruckus” Williams is no different than the other shoe shiners (see Larry Elder, “Rev.” Jesse Lee Peterson, Ken Blackwell, Michael Steele, “Rev.” James David Manning) that have been trying make a name for themselves by participating in the smear campaign against the Obamas. They are pathetic, really. The same people that these clowns seek the approval of, are probably calling them the n-word and every other derogatory name you can think of behind closed doors.

  5. Keebee

    Man, Mary Katharine Ham was not too cool herself! What is wrong with them? Haters.

  6. landoftrolls

    Juan Williams is a mess. Every time I see him on TV, I want to scream.

  7. I have not been paying attention to Juan Williams. I always thought he was a bit little league for his job. Now I’m thinking he’s using dumbosity to compensate for … his dumbosity.

    He’s got a weight thing going too, it looks like. Least since last time I noticed him. He should dry that Jessica Simpson diet.

  8. yvonnjanae

    Someone should ask Juan, Larry and a few others how much money they’ve been accepting from conservative financiers since 2007 through the election to now. All became increasingly more radical as the election progressed. That’s not ideology, that’s payoff.

  9. Mark

    Williams didn’t call her a liability per se. He said that of the people who could become a liability to the presidency, Mrs. Obama and the Vice President were the closest to Mr. Obama.

  10. the real armchair ignitor

    Yeah, but he is right. The old ‘me da victim’ gotta go now. Not da victim no mo.

    And why is it that you suggest ‘mommy issues’? What are those exactly?

    I mean ‘mommy issues’ is what the feminists and other militants label sensitive or intellectual men who were molested by women, or label men who were otherwise abused by women–in order to minimize and neutralize discussion about those topics.

    Stokely in a dress…hawhahawhahaw.

  11. ricland

    A liability …?

    Gee, I thought Obama and Michelle won their election.

    Juan Williams took a cheapshot at another man’s wife. We wouldn’t like that or expect it from a white journalist, but from a black one it’s as contemptible as it gets.

  12. clark

    Michelle Obama is an accomplished professional in her own right. A “home girl” who made good, she’s Ivy League and is well respected in the legal and business community in Chicago. None of the associates and partners at the law firm, nor fellow board members and chairpersons she’s worked with would think “Stokely Carmichael in a dress” is a fair or accurate description of her person or temperament.

    Juan Williams is an “Afro-Saxon” who can’t hold a candle to the Obamas. He’s hating here, as usual, to the delight of his white masters. Sad.

  13. Trikydad

    All above who is blaming Juan, and thinks that he is an uncle Tom etc, need to look at Michelle Obama speeches prior to becoming First Lady and you can see clearly that her twenty years spent with a Pastor that was so militant, can see from words and demeanor, those twenty years of indoctrination did rub off on her. Juan is so, so right. Most of the above comments are probably from individuals who do not know who Stockley Carmichael is, I however share the same country of birth with him and know his history.

  14. PAM

    I believe that the aforementioned names, Juan, Michael Steele and Larry Elder, etc. are people who believe they have redeemed themselves through the eyes of white America by being the “yas-sah” man. I have nothing against white people, and hope my comments are not indicative of anything negative and certainly not playing the race card; however, this is about my people. I feel sorry for the Juan’s of the world..I am embarrassed about their “field hand” behavior. They are not accepted by the white or black community. I do believe that they are extremely jealous of the Obamas because of the lack of substance within themselves. Unfortunately, history repeats itself; the slave mentality continues to destroy us as a people.

  15. Montana

    Williams can think what he wants. For so many years Limbaugh has spent his time on the radio mis-labeling or mis-characterizing others . Finally he had his judgment day.

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