Jackie Mason: Calling Brothers “schvartze” again

When famous people get old they feel they can say anything and get away it with…like most elderly people can.  Not so.  Especially when you’ve gotten in trouble for saying something similar in the past.  I say that “schvartze” is a slur.  Period.   I agree with Sharpton though (yes, I’m surprised too).  He’s old…pray for him and leave him be.  At his age, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks or an old comedian to be PC.

Legendary funnyman Jackie Mason is getting jeers for referring to President Obama with a Yiddish word considered by many to be a racial epithet.

During his act Thursday night at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency on the upper East Side, Mason, 72, caused some fans to boo and walk out when he called Obama a “schvartze,” which is Yiddish for black.

“I’m an old Jew. I was raised in a Jewish family where ‘schvartze‘ was used,” an unapologetic Mason told TMZ.com Sunday night.

“It’s not a demeaning word and I’m not going to defend myself.” Mason then went on a rant about racism, saying, “If it’s a racist society, the white people are the ones being persecuted because they have to defend themselves.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton noted that in 1991 Mason apologized for calling former Mayor David Dinkins “a fancy schvartze with a mustache.”

“At this stage in Jackie’s life and career, he should get our prayers more than our responses,” Sharpton said.

source: NY Daily News


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5 responses to “Jackie Mason: Calling Brothers “schvartze” again

  1. Mason is correct in that the word “Schvartze” is simply the yiddish word for black. I, however, am a fan of looking at the totality of the circumstance (investigating the context in which the word was said, if you will).

    If Mason was telling his jokes completely in yiddish, calling Obama schvartze would simply translate to him being called black (which is what he is). That however is not what happened, is it?! Mason is telling jokes in english and then he inserts the yiddish word for black when talking about the President. If all you meant was black, and you are speaking english, then why not just say black (in english). In my experience, when you are speaking englsih and you have to go to another language in order to offer a racial discription, there is usually racism going on (not always but most of the time).

  2. Tovitim

    Well, yeah, it does mean “black” or “black person” in yiddish, but no one can deny the connotation with a straight face.
    That’s opposed to other yiddish words, that you can. “Goy” really does just mean “non-jew”. ” “Shikse” really does mean “non-jewish chick”, although people tend not to mean it in a nice way, but that’s usually because she’s dating some guy YOU want to be dating. “Schvartse”-no way to say that nicely.
    Back to the point. Who thinks Mason’s funny? And who’s paying for tickets to see him? And what Jew thinks he speaks for him/her? Definitely not me!!

  3. Way back when I had a Jewish therapist, we had a bit of disgreement of that word. Because she heard her family use it, she thought it was ok. After I told her that it wasnt, she did some research, and guess what, I was right, that word aint all right! She was nice and apologetic, so it was no biggie, but it was kind of interesting seeing just how insidious racism really is.

  4. I was in Amsterdam last December and there, they don’t celebrate Christmas as much as they celebrate a holiday on Dec. 5th where they welcome the arrival of Sinter Klause and Zwarte Pete, basically a black elf.

    They do black face and the whole nine.
    Obviously in America that would not fly, in Holland,they say it’s not racist at all.

    I believe the celebration has racial under or over tones, but I wonder if detractors are being overly sensitive or completely justified in their opinions?

  5. Tee C

    Oh. Is he still alive. Dang.

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