Dear Governor Perry of Texas

Dear Gov. Perry,

When you talk about secession I think of the civil war, and in turn…you guessed it, slavery.  Sure, sure, I know you didn’t “actually” call for secession, ok.  Still, you’re making me uncomfortable!

Warm Regards,
One American Negro (Or should I say colored since you’re in TX.  Yes, Colored.)


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3 responses to “Dear Governor Perry of Texas

  1. Keebee

    I live in DFW, TX. I’m so frustrated to be in a Republican state. Don’t get me wrong, I love my state but it needs to hurry up and turn blue and I thought it was about to during the election. Just pray for us y’all!

  2. “Texas doesn’t need the United States, but the United States needs Texas.” I am a loyal TEXAN. I love my home state. We are a people with HUGE ATTITUDES and LARGER EGO’s. Perry is a 5th or 6th Generation Texan…. He’s exercising his right to do what we do…. Talk Sh…. regardless of color…

  3. Rosalyn Durham

    I am a Texan, living in California and looking forward to retirement in 2.3 years so that I can return home. I am a Black female who embraces the honesty in Texans, because Californians will smile in your face and hold a butcher knife behind their backs. I’ve found the type of racism practiced in California (I call it the etiquette of white racism) to be the most dangerous. I prefer a white person who is openly honest about his/her racism like the ones in Texas. At least I would know who to avoid unlike California, where you can unknowingly eat with the enemy.

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