Tyler Perry in the new Star Trek movie

No he’s not wearing a dress.  Yes, Tyler Perry is in the new Star Trek movie.  I won’t spoil it for you by giving you the details of his cameo.  I know that some black folks who would have just waited on the bootleg may be motivated to see what is supposed to be a really good movie because their favorite cross dressing actor is in it.  I say “cross dressing” with all the love I can muster. 🙂 Come on, you know you love Madea.

On his blog Perry advises: “Don’t blink because you’ll miss me. Seriously, if you have to go to the bathroom forget about it. You’ll really miss me. So hold it … LOL.”

Star Trek always had a diverse cast so I was expecting all kinds of lil cameos and what not.  Real cute…good job.

I would love to see Madea in a Star Trek parody movie.  Tyler and Seth McFarlane should get together with the Wayans brothers and do one.  That would be one heck of a script.  That’s for sure.  Let Madea be the queen of the Klingons.  lol


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2 responses to “Tyler Perry in the new Star Trek movie

  1. tammy

    he annoyed me – i loved seeing the old star trek characters-like leonard nimoy,but really did not want to see madea in this new,wonderful trek. but i like the idea of a spoof.

  2. Dan

    I saw ST three times at the theaters. The first time, as soon as I realized that Tyler Perry was playing the Admiral, my mind immediately flopped over to him instead being up there as Medea, busting out her old-school reprimands upon Kirk, pointing in his face and threatening him with a swift beat down which she would personally administer.

    That scene practically writes itself. Everyone else in the theater was quiet and drawn in – I’m sitting there giggling my ass off thinking how awesome that scene could’ve been. Each time I saw ST, I’d fantasize about that part being re-written, and start laughing all over again.

    Someone, somewhere, needs to do that. Seth McFarlane could easily parlay that into a Family Guy segue/flashback and get Tyler on board to voice Medea. [crosses fingers]

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