5 responses to “GOP equals Albino Dinosaur

  1. Too funny… and sad..

  2. Zion

    It’s a reality that the GOP will have to face. Look, they’re not going after Judge Sotomayor because she’s a woman and she’s Hispanic. They understand that they have done a poor job courting people of color.

  3. timm8

    Sotomayor stinks because of her opinions and beliefs and for no other reasons. She can think whatever she wants, this is a free country, but her beliefs disqualify her from being a Chief Justice. She has said that the Judiciary is a representative body. She has said that policy should be created by the Judicial branch. She has neither the temperment nor the perspective to qualify for appointment to the highest bench, much less be nominated for it. Her nomination is a great insight into the mind of he who nominated her, though. That aside, the GOP indeed has to change course to attract more supporters – and the tack that should be taken is that of a return to the founding principles of our nation – Conservatism.
    Conservatism is a belief system, a set of moral values. Sadly, the GOP has spent too much time trying to be like the Democrats instead of defining themselves by their differences of philosophy and their view that the citizenry is more important than the government. Your thoughts?

  4. White man

    Actually Black people used to be Republican. What happened? Why would black people vote for a Democrat anyway? It was Southern democrats who endorsed slavery. it was a Republican president (Lincoln) who freed the slaves. Have blacl people forotten their history or something?

    As far as blacks in the Republican party nowadays, we welcome them. However so many are so far left, that we shun thhose people. Our party is a conservative traditional American party, not the party of the ACLU and other such groups. We welcome anyone who wants small government with little power, people who beleive in ALL of the constitution including the second amendment, and people who generally love their country as it is – without socialism, communism, liberalism, and all other negative isms.

    Your first post talked about not seeing any black eople around? WHERE ARE YOU? Come to Jackson, Mississippi. You’ll be asking “where is all the white people? ” “How come nobody here speaks english?” Did we take a wrong turn and end up in Mexifrica?”

  5. It also has to do with the media. They tend to make you out to be crazy if you are black to be a conservative or a Republican. Why did the media play down the candidate Alan Keyes, who is black and Republican, but played up Barack? Because the media likes Obama not Alan Keyes.

    How about this? Martin Luther King and many of his relatives were and are Republican. Alveda King has something on the internet of why they were.

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