I have White moments. Lots of them!

My first post!  So excited!  Okay, moving along…

I ran into Sista yesterday minutes before she had her Black moment on the mall.  It didn’t occur to me to give her a long goodbye hug, knowing that she might possibly be the last person of color that I’d encounter for the next hour or so as I participated in the Capital Striders weekly Smithsonian Run. Turns out there were 3 of us this week!  New record!

This isn’t just a phenomenon at the Mall.  Main Avenue, Hains Point, Mt. Vernon Trail, C&O Canal, Rock Creek Park.  If there are white people out and being recreational, we’re not there.

There are plenty of Black treadmill creatures and spin cyclists present during my semi-annual trip to the gym but mention doing anything outdoors within the city limits to them and you might as well be asking them to throw flames on the Emancipation Proclamation.

What gives?


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6 responses to “I have White moments. Lots of them!

  1. Ya Dale! Welcome. Where is that photo of the parking sign?

  2. Dee Dee

    Speaking as a treadmill creature, I, too have noticed this trend. Historically, we have not been overly concerned with our health in general. The fact that there is an increase in blacks getting regular check ups (medical and dental) and participating in more athletic activities is a good sign.

    I haven’t run outside in a while, but will go tomorrow morning(at the urging of my assistant, who is white). I’m sure I will be the only “one” on the trails…

  3. Thorough

    Why do certain activities have to be defined as “white”?

    For a long time the thought of jogging, hiking, rollerblading, etc, was thought of as “white”, and the pro black folk, and their offspring) were against it. Now things are slightly different, but that stigma is still there.

    Look at golf, it was thought of as….you guessed it “white”, now everybody is doing it.

    My point is, it seems like we need a little encouragement and/or celebrity power to get us going. So for now, let’s thank Tiger, Serena, and Venus for getting us to pay attention to something else besides basketball.

    We’ll get there Dale!

  4. I love this site! Soooo freaking hilarious and necessary….the preacher article is honest. I appreciate it.

  5. aims

    well, sorry, i don’t want to limit people and pidgeon-hole them, even if tv shows like archie bunker and the jeffersons find truth in them. yeah i know political correctness can get overly ridiculous, but i’d just rather not see people united by sorry stereotypes.

  6. Ash Linden

    Sorry if I’m intruding, but a link to a link… …brought me.
    I’m white and a hiker, camper, outdoor-walker, occasional paddler type, and my husband (also white) bemoan how white the outdoors is. We’re so glad when we see people of any and all other colors on the trails or waters. Yes, because we work in healthcare and we’re concerned for Everyone’s health and self-care, but also because this land is your land too, and it is good to see you out there enjoying it.

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