Never Can Say Goodbye: RIP Michael Jackson

I’m in shock.  Really.  Michael Jackson has died today, so suddenly.  It’s a shame.

I was on the Metro (Red Line…I’m never scared) around 5:45 and I heard someone say “Michael Jackson died”.  Well that just sounded like craziness.  There was a quick rebuttal from another random passenger saying, “NO, he just went into cardiac arrest.”  While losing all function of your heart is no simple matter and from what I hear 90% of the time leads to coma or death…The thought that came to my mind was “OH, that’s all. Mike will be alright”.  I went on to the gym and was greeted by CNN’s coverage.  At the time, they hadn’t confirmed Jackson’s death and were quoting the LA Times and AP Wire.  In an interview on CNN, Brian Osman (Jackson Family spokesperson) basically compared Jackson’s situation to Anna Nicole in terms of drug abuse.  Heavy allegations.  That’s serious.  Shortly after that, the LA coroner’s office confirmed Michael Jackson died today at the age of 50.

Somebody tell me this is just a publicity stunt.  Somebody roll the secret footage.

Damn.  The King is dead.  No comeback album.  No colabo with Prince, or Beyonce, or the Jonas Brothers.  Damn.  This is worse than Luther.   If Stevie Wonder goes anytime soon, I’m not going to make it.

Rest in Peace, Michael.  I never will say goodbye.  “Though I try and try to hide my feelings, they always seem to show…don’t wanna let you go…”

Sidenote: [Updated: In the last 24 hours over 70,000] people have come to this site today and viewed the post on Michael Jackson’s children (one of our most popular posts).  Why?  I have no clue.  Keywords make the world go round I guess.


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6 responses to “Never Can Say Goodbye: RIP Michael Jackson

  1. Angeline

    I MISS HIM!!! i can’t take it. it’s just too hard….I was walking home from acting class, and a group of teenagers were talking about “Michael Jackson being dead” and i’m like, OK, they’re just messing around. But then i go home and my parents are watching the news. My mom gives me a look, and i know. I heard of his passing around7:00 pm, NY eastern time. I still cant believe it. I’m so shocked…It wasn’t supposed to end this way. What a beautiful man he was. I’m always going to remember his beautiful brown self in the RockWithYou video, or him in the BlackorWhite, or You Rock My World….I can’t take it. I really can’t..

    My heart is broken. Michael gave us so much.

  2. Rikki

    They probably linked to the post and the insane comment history due to wondering what would happen to his children now. Typing that into google brings up your site. I know that’s what led me here. 🙂

  3. I am,grief stricken by the death of Micheal,as we all grew-up wit him,old&young,i remembered how bad i wanted 1 of those red jacket,&not 4get the white glove,well i did get a pair of those socks(smile)that was all my Mom could afford,but just havin` a part of him,on u,was enough 4 as we all mourn him just keep in your heart,he`s still here,just the angels needed his voice more,We made him leave all he wanted was 2 b Loved,i think he died of a broken heart,plus workin` 2 hard,but we played a big part in his death!!

  4. Keebee

    I am just speechless…I’m hurting. There are no words that I have to express what I feel. Michael will never be forgotten. No matter what you think about him he was the greatest. Like his song says Gone Too Soon..Unbelievable. I’m just heartbroken. I was also like “oh, he’s gonna be ok.” But when I heard those words all I could yell was NO NO NO!!!! I pray that he is now getting the peace he wanted, needed and deserved. I love and miss you Michael.

  5. I was driving home the night he died on a 500-mile car ride, and I listened to his songs on the radio the whole ride home.

    They played “I’ll Be There,” and it took me back to when I first heard it when I was a preteen. When the world was golden and my parents were alive, and any future seemed possible.

    It was such a perfect little confection of a pop song, so beautifully sung, and the production values were spot on. The kind of song that’s like a little jewel dropped into your life, that never gets old no matter how many times you hear it.

    The poor guy — he couldn’t seem to stop himself from making a train wreck of his life, and it seemed like nobody around him could make the hard choices to get him help in time. What an utter, sickening waste of so much genius and promise.

  6. bw

    For many the phenomenon of grief being displayed over the death of Michael Jackson is just so much more celebrity driven nonsense. But for me, it truly is a sad passing of a beautiful,incredibly gifted but tortured soul. So much has been said of Michael’s lost childhood and how it framed what was to become of the rest of his life. Much has been said of the difficult relationship with his father and how that also had impact on who he would become. I too had a difficult beginning in my family of origin and suffered much because of it. Unless you have been there it is impossible to understand how much impact insensitive, self centered parenting can have on a child. Joseph Jackson, you are a monster…who in your zeal to leave the ghetto behind drove your children to madness and the sweetest and most gifted of them to self destruct. You failed to give him the values that would have allowed him to fully develop as a human being and even in death choose to cannabilize his life for your personal gain. Your years are limited now…and you will soon face your maker and be forced to feel the pain and reap the judgement that your sociopathic mind has thus far allowed you to escape. Michael is at peace now…unreachable any more by your disgusting antics…he neither needs your help nor can be reached by the tears of of those who see clearly what you are and did to him. But you Joseph Jackson will pay for eternity for your greed, your lack of care and your absence of love for your child. Michael your music is now perfected in heaven and you sing and have come to completion in the presence of the Creator…and at some point we who believe will see you again as you truly are…a beautiful, gentle, amazingly graced soul infused with the gifts of heaven who now sings with the angels and has been healed of all of your wounds.

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