Why is this blog called “Hello, Negro”?

From time to time I get angry comments about the name of this blog.  Most of it stems from the use of “negro” in the title.  I wonder if other blogs such as Field Negro encounter the scathing hate that has at times been directed at this site from people who are uncomfortable with our usage of the term (and likely haven’t read the postings on the site).  There a LOT of blogs that have “negro” as part of the name.  Google “blog” and “negro” and you’ll see.

I writing this post, I actually googled “blog” and “nigger”.  OH my!  I can just imagine the comments those blogs must get.  Especially one named (and I’m not kidding) “Look At This Nigger“.  Wow, that sounds like something you would hear over and over at a hood barbershop during a basketball game…but I digress.  Mighty bold!  

There are 2 main reasons I chose the name “Hello, Negro”.  Well, 2 and a possible…as they say in spades.

The Possible:  It sounds like “Hello Kitty”.  Familiarity breeds contempt, huh?  However, it’s meant to be a greeting.  I.E Hello, Bob.  See…there is a comma there people.  Most people over look that.  Thus, you could say that I’m calling everyone who visits this blog a negro.  Some may love that, some may have a serious problem with that. 

Reason 1: It’s controversial.  Blogs thrive on drama (Why do you think gossip blogs are so popular?).  Drama breeds conversation.  I knew some people were going to have a problem with the name when I chose it.  If you bought into the drama, thank you for validating what I already know about sensitivity to racial issues in America.  I get that.  You don’t have to write me an 8 paragraph comment trying to enlighten me.  Really, I get that the word is hated by many black folk.  BUT,  it’s not the n-word…not even close.  Let’s not forget my “African-Americans”, there was a time in America when we were damn proud to be Negroes.  Many African American leaders, such as MARTIN LUTHER KING referred to themselves as what…Negro.  As the kids say…Haters, Get off me!!

Reason 2:  This blog is dedicated to giving you small, digestible wake up calls.  This is expressed by the “hello” part of the name.  Hello…there is still racism in America.  Hello…here is a bit of news for you to consider.  Hello there!  What do you think about this or that subject.   You get what I’m saying?  Hello?  🙂

So, that is about as good as I can explain it…at midnight on a friday.  LOL.  It just amazes me how people just look on the surface sometimes and don’t consider how face value can be deceiving.  Read the blog before you judge it.  And if you don’t like it, that is Ok too.  Freedom of expression is the right of all.


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9 responses to “Why is this blog called “Hello, Negro”?

  1. “I wonder if other blogs such as Field Negro encounter the scathing hate that has at times been directed at this site from people who are uncomfortable with our usage of the term… ”


    I feel ya on this one. I have had producers from major news outlets tell me that they would love to have me on their program, but the hosts just refuses to call the name of my blog on the air. To that, I always have to say; “sorry, I guess you won’t be having me on.”

    Yeah the word Negro makes a lot of folks uncomfortable here in A-merry-ca. (black and white) Something about just wanting to move on I guess.

    I love your site, keep doing what you do.


  2. Thanks for weighing in on this Field Negro. We can’t move on if we can’t be honest enough to confront the pain. The word will have positive and negative connotations whether we use it or not.

    Love your site too. Blessings!

  3. E. Zora Knight

    Excellent post. I’ve never wondered… Yet I knew it was a play on Hello Kitty. I’ve been a little absent in the blog world…

  4. k00b

    Will You Be My Negro?

  5. Pingback: Whole lot of lovin’. « Journal of a Power Dyke in Training

  6. Lady Cracker

    “…and don’t consider how face value can be deceiving.” Had a real belly laugh, if that isn’t racism in a nutshell.

  7. Hello, Negro! Loved your explaination… like you said, the possible was definitely a possible… and it didn’t fly. Your 2 definites racked up. Adding you to my blog list!

  8. Kent

    would do be my negro.. no matter if yar black or white.. ya.. ya…

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