Lincoln was a Republican and I don’t care…

“…my master’s gone away!”

It just makes me laugh when people post comments on Republican related articles on this blog in an effort to “educate” us about the Republican party’s connection to Abraham Lincoln.  Newsflash: I’m aware.

There is a lot that has not changed from 1800s America, but the nature of the Republican party is not one of those things.  The Republican party of the late 1800s is not the party of today.  That could be painted as a bad thing, that could be painted as a good thing…it depends on who has the paint brush in hand.

In 2009,  Republicans cannot claim the glory of Lincoln’s legacy by association any more than present day Democrats can claim the glory of Kennedy or Roosevelt presidencies. All we are really talking about here is political associations during a specific era.  Political associations are flexible and subject to change.

Having a great last name doesn’t make you great.  Being part of a wonderful family doesn’t mean you won’t one day shoot your friend in the face by accident.  Being a great dad doesn’t mean you won’t cheat on your wife with an intern.  Bottom line, it’s goodness by association.  As to say, Republicans are good because of Lincoln’s association with the party. Republicans are neither all bad or all good…but that can be said of any person, place, or political party.

Note: When I hear of Democrats saying racist things on social media sites or via email I will be sure to post them…don’t you worry.  Equal opportunity exposure, honey.


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7 responses to “Lincoln was a Republican and I don’t care…

  1. pizazzross

    Lincoln was a Republican. This is true. He was also an out of the closet homosexual who lived with his lawyer lover for years. When his lover moved away and got married, Lincoln wrote love letters to him asking if he enjoyed his new wife more than being with him, If they are going to tell it, tell it all.

  2. Dave

    Republicans enjoyed a majority of the Black voter base well into the late 1930’s. It took the Democrat’s social programs and introduction of a welfare state to buy Black votes. So, after the Democrats lost their ‘Jim Crow’ campaign they decided it was time switch strategy.
    Tell me, why should Republicans be loyal to a voter base that was not loyal to them? It is a disgrace to Lincoln and the ‘Union Whites’ that died to attack him as a ‘homosexual’. We all know how ‘tolerant’ blacks are of ‘homosexuals’, right? Republicans are not against Blacks, they are against ‘Big Government’ and ‘Socialist Programs’. I hope more Blacks realize this in the future as they break away from the ‘welfare check’ and ‘foodstamp’ community. Nobody wants to be a slave of the government and this will become more and more evident in the future as the current government continues in the direction it is. It’s not about racism, it’s about freedom. Don’t be a puppet.

  3. What makes me the most upset is that this does not even surprise me. I made a video once about the N word and put it on youtube and it wound up posted on a skinhead website ( I guess this is the world we live in. … Wow.

  4. Yes, people forget (or are just ignorant to the fact) that basically the two parties simply switched philosophies. Republicans used to be known as “liberals” and Democrats were “conservatives.” If Lincoln were alive today he would be a Democrat, just like George Wallace & Strom Thurman would have been Republicans.

  5. And, of course, you have to love “Dave” up there, with his message to the Black community, on behalf of the noble Republicans. I’m Black, and I’ve never been on Welfare or used Food Stamps, so I’m not exactly sure what *I’M* supposed to “break away” from.

  6. RP

    The conservative philosophy, that all Men (big M) must be free to enjoy the fruits of his/her labor, is timeless. I’m not sure what the republican philosophy is, but the conservative philosophy has not and cannot change.

    If Lincoln were alive today (gay or not), he would be a conservative libertarian.

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