Connick speaks out about blackface down under

I  love it when stuff like this happens and is covered by mainstream media channels.  I saw this story on CNN a few mins ago.  Harry Connick, Jr…I’m going to have to throw you some dollars on iTunes real soon.  Your stock has gone up son.

Newsweek: Asked to appear on the Australian variety hour Hey Hey It’s Saturday as a guest judge, Harry Connick Jr. sputters in disbelief when a Jackson 5 impersonation group entirely in blackface appears onstage. He first gives the group a 0 scorecard for the performance while the audience boos; later, at about 4:40 into the clip, Connick launches into an impassioned race-relations lecture explaining why blackface is a bad thing. “If I knew that was going to be a part of the show, I definitely wouldn’t have done it,” Connick declares on live TV.  The host appears genuinely surprised.

Jackson Jive, huh?  Who says “jive” anymore?  I don’t know any black people who use that term anymore.  It’s amazing that some white people (most of them writers in Hollywood, it seems) still think we use that slang.  OH, and…um…how about you use BROWN face paint instead of JET BLACK!!!!   I mean…if you used actual flesh tones you might have gotten a pass.  Just saying.


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4 responses to “Connick speaks out about blackface down under

  1. Damian Walker

    What kind of horsesh*t is this? Kudos for Mr.
    Connick for speaking up!

  2. Debra Cocroft

    Black face is never o.k. This is a throwback of “jiggaboo” imitations of years gone by. A high 5 to Mr Connick for stepping out of the safe zone and speaking up.

  3. Sulekha

    This is horrible, Harry Connick Jr is my hero. Its just funny that the beginning of the skit?! People were clapping and laughing… how things change!

    Has anyone seen the Lara Stone 14 pg editorial spread in French Vogue? If not… you maybe just as shocked or more so. I was flabbergasted!

  4. Keebee

    I’ve always liked Harry Connick Jr. But I applaud him for standing up for his fellow americans. Not just black America, all of us. We need more of him out there.

    Where do we find the French Vogue issue?

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