Dr. Gates donates his handcuffs to the Smithsonian

None of the black people I know have ever been given their handcuffs as a “You got arrested” souvenir.  Apparently Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. received more than a beer at the White House after his traumatic arrest…on his front porch.   He’s donated the handcuffs used on him to the Smithsonian Institution’s black history museum.  This makes me wonder…what other items will be on display with these handcuffs?

  • One of the night sticks used on Rodney King
  • Handcuffs used on famous African Americans (MLK, Tupac, Diana Ross, etc)
  • A replica of a Montgomery, Alabama jail cell from the Civil Rights era
  • That horrible neck brace will the bells on it that you sometimes see in illustrations found in books on slavery.

What would happen if black males all over the nation requested that they be given their former chains and handcuffs so that they could be donated to the Smithsonian as a testament  to the record incarceration rates of black men in America.  Surely, 50 years…100 years from our children would marvel at the shear size of the collection of metal bonds.  Would they be amazed and say, “There’s no way that so many people of one race could have been accused of/guilty of that much crime!”.  Or perhaps they will just shake their heads and say, “Nothing has changed.”.


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2 responses to “Dr. Gates donates his handcuffs to the Smithsonian

  1. Malcolm X

    Dr. Gates is a renown Professor, right? By the way, I ask that question sarcastically. With a move such as this I have to greatly question his level of intelligence, Professor or not. I guess next he`ll want to attend a “clan meeting”, as guest of honor, and donate one of their white sheets. You can bet that sargeant, who arrested him, and the whole police department are laughing at this coon.

    Not only that, but that same sargeant even got an invite to The White House from “NO BALLS OBAMA” after Obama was pressured by The White Media and The Police Department to apologize after rightly critisizing the arrest. He gets to have a beer while receiving much sympathy from the white press for an unjust arrest.

    The thing is, he was invited by “NO BALLS OBAMA”. I wonder if Obama would invite The Grand Dragon over for beer and over a minor misunderstanding? This is why we need Brother Malcolm X here today to call out this buffoonery along with all these 21st century uncle toms including, “NO BALLS OBAMA”.

    Surely, all the Obama supporters can clearly see by now that he doesn`t benefit us in the black community. I mean he`s even an apologist for Harry Reid. Paraphrasing he said that, “Harry Reid used the incorrect words in trying to praise him”. Now that won`t even pass the laugh test. Yes, this is why I wish Brother Malcolm was here today to put all these coons/toms on blast.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO”, Brother Malcolm X

  2. You’ve invoked the name of Brother Malcolm. That’s a very hefty mantle to live up to. I can’t say I agree with you. I think Brother Malcolm called people out as much as he offered concrete solutions and sage advice.

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