Send Mother Dear a Check: AARP Survey Says Older Blacks Hit Hard By Recession

It’s time to dig into your pockets.  Dig like you’re in a church pew (I once heard in a church…from a pastor…”We like the money that jingles, but we love the money that folds”.  Sigh)  Time to send Mommy, “Mother Dear” and “Pop Pop” a check, brothers and sisters!

Kansas City Star:  The economic recession has had a “devastating impact” on African Americans age 45 and up, according to a new survey by AARP.

The survey, which is part of AARP’s continued look at how African Americans age 45 and older are faring in this economy, found that over the last year:

— 33 percent of African Americans age 45 and older had problems paying rent or mortgage.

— 44 percent had problems paying for essential items, such as food and utilities.

— 18 percent lost a job, nearly twice the rate of the general population.

— 23 percent lost their employer-sponsored health care.

If people who are of working age are doing pretty bad, I can’t imagine how the retirees and those on Social Security are managing. I’m reminded of those heating old and electric bill subsidy commercials that come on in the winter that always have some “assumed” poor, elderly African American in them. The person is always sitting at home by an old school electric heater, wrapped up in a blanket and wearing a hat. Those commercials remind me to call and check on my mom and my grandmother. This information makes me think I should cast my net of concern a little wider this time of year. Maybe we all should.

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One response to “Send Mother Dear a Check: AARP Survey Says Older Blacks Hit Hard By Recession

  1. Malcolm X

    This doesn`t surprise me. The unemployment rate in our communities always more than double than of whites. When this country ships off all the manufacturing jobs who does it affect most? It affects our people the most because we are the majority who holds these type of jobs. The climate and stage is being set more and more for a serious revolt.

    Some may find it paranoia, naive, but eventually an oppressed people must make a collective judgment for their survival. Revolution is something that we, as Blacks, don`t dare to consider because it frightens it. But if history is any indicator true liberation was only achieved after the oppressed overthrew the oppressor.

    In reading one of my books I came across a very poignant statement. The statement is that, it`s the duty of the oppressed to overthrow the oppressor. As I meditated upon this revelation I concluded that this is indeed a deep, harsh, reality. History bears witness to such a revelation. There`s our great warrior Touissant L’ Overture of Haiti, Rahman Muhammad Babu in Africa, The Mau Mau, Che of Cuba, Nat Turner, etc. These are only a handful who are a testament to such a profound revelation.

    The oppressor will not cease to oppress because of some extraordinary level of benevolence. It`s the oppressed who must take their own liberation in accordance with their own Human and moral right. The book also stated that the oppressed must have the courage to pick up the gun and point it at the oppressor`s head. Now as I meditate more and more about our condition, as a people here in America, and study history, I can only conclude that until we find the courage to act upon these painful truths we will always be oppressed.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO”, Brother Malcolm X…gone but not forgotten.

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