O.J. Simpson, Rodman, RuPaul: Black History Role Models?

LA Times – In a letter addressed to parents and community members, a South Los Angeles elementary school principal apologized Thursday for “questionable decisions” about which prominent African Americans to highlight in a parade marking the culmination of Black History Month.

Lorraine Abner’s letter did not name the individuals. But her apology came after three teachers at Wadsworth Avenue Elementary School were suspended while the Los Angeles Unified School District investigates allegations that they had their first-, second- and fourth-grade students carry pictures of O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman and RuPaul at last Friday’s event.

“Unfortunately, questionable decisions were made in the selection of noteworthy African American role models,” the letter said. “As the principal, I offer my apology for these errors in judgment.”

I don’t know about you, but for me Black History is Black History. If we remove one part of it, we are not telling the whole story. It is the whole story that makes history. We as African-Americans have had to fight to have our history included.   Now it would be a little hypocritical for us to start excluding people. To now start removing people or making apologies is unacceptable.

RuPaul represents a portion of our community.  We can’t celebrate our LGBTQ brothers and sisters?  There was a time in history before the trial and acquittal when O.J Simpson was a hero.  You remember those commercials.  Dennis Rodman was one hell of a basketball player. I think that Michael Jordan could give you a list of reasons why he should not be discarded.

I’d also like to note that the tale of O.J is not equal to the stories of Rodman and Rupaul.  Come on, people.  LA, I thought you guys were more progressive than this.  Oh no, I forgot…Prop 8.    Ok, but yall do like basketball so Rodman is ok, right.  Oh no, Yall only like the Lakers!  SMH


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5 responses to “O.J. Simpson, Rodman, RuPaul: Black History Role Models?

  1. Hey. Thanks for this post. I cruise alot of blogs just to see what I can find new and I liked yours. I am a student in Cosmotology so if you have a link to subcribe to your blog could you let me know so I can do that. I would like to read more when you post them.


  2. Eljay

    I agree with you this time. While I have never been a big sports fan, I do remember when O. J. Simpson and Dennis Rodman dominated their respective sports. And I might add, RuPaul made performing in drag a mainstream profession that demonstrated how difficult his/her profession was.


    Children minds are just like a sponges. I’m a mother of a black teenage male. As a single parent I promised myself my son would not let my son slip between the cracks and grow up to be a thug or gay. And I’ve done a great job of protecting my son. He attended an all black private school during elementary and went to a predominantly white private middle school. He nows attends a predominantly black public school. It is important for me to protect him because he is a “black male”. I had only one problem in the 11 years he was in the all black elementary school. The three years my son was at the predominantly white middle school–one black male student was awful. I went to the school and threatened his @ss because the administrations were afraid to do anything to his @ss. A few of the white boys were were awful and I went to the headmaster who could not believe these boys from “Christian’ homes were saying such things. The white male staff were pretty cool (my son was an athelete). But some of the white women teachers were “typical”. I became known in the school as an ‘over protected mom”. Which was fine with me because I didn’t play when it came to my son. The first public school my son attended was AWFUL! Including some of the teachers—my son and the class was cursed by the two teachers. I pulled him out after 2 days. The public school he attends now is WONDERFUL! The teachers are young black males and females–very intelligent. School is suppose to be a safe place. As a parent I do not want my son anywhere I don’t feel he is safe. Sometimes children believe the teachers more than they believe their parents. You have to be so careful who is influencing your children. They are not in a state of objectivity. You have children who go off to college and forget everything their parents have taught them (especially when it comes to God.) And you wonder as a parent WTF happened. I always looked at him as in investment and I wanted a good return on my investment.

  4. I agree. it doesn’t make sense to try and exclude people from black history just because we (for whatever reason) are embarrassed or ashamed of them. Good people should stand for the truth in history.

    Jesus (one of my favorite black dudes) said “and the Truth shall make you free.”

  5. Wow. hellonegro.com is killer.

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