Freaknik the Musical: May Have Set Blacks Back a Step or Two

I can sum it up in 2 words: Neo-Coonery Foolishness.

I want the 30 min or so that I watched “Freaknik the Musical” back.  I think my credit score is actually lower this morning because I watched that mess.  That was one of the most ignorant, trifling, things I’ve ever seen.  There was no redeeming value.  Period.

  • A fat guy jumped into a sea of jiggling asses
  • Lil Wayne voiced a drug dealing king pin/Jesus Christ character
  • The Boule’s Oprah-looking charater
  • The robot that looked like Al Sharpton, voiced by Charlie Murphy

Now, I don’t know why I would have expected any less from T-Pain.  But you know what, he’s just a pawn.  I’m sure he was not the head person in charge.  I don’t know how a group of people…likely blacks and whites…got together and decided to spend money to produce this craziness.  I have to shout out “Come’on Son!!” to Cartoon Network on this one.

Now, let me just say to the haters…I know the Boondocks is on the same channel and last night a number of people noted on Twitter (hashtag: #freaknik) that they felt it was hypocritical that people love that show but hated this coon fest.  The difference: Boondocks episodes has a point.  There is an insight or awareness that is weaved through those episodes that is mixed in with various levels of craziness.   At the end of “Freaknik the Musical” what was the point?  Somebody please tell me!  Um…”Trap Jesus” aka Lil Wayne was in jail and “Ghost of Freaknik Past” aka T-Pain ran away from a woman who had just told him that she needed support for his baby.  WTF?

I will say that it had some potential.  They tried to comment on the struggle between old guard, black bourgeois and leadership vs.  the youth of the hip hop generation.  Also, some needed attention was given to illiteracy.  One of the main character’s catchphase was “It’s in a Book”.   That charater’s name was…”Light Skin”.

Wow.  Skin color divisions, rampant images of over sexualized women, violence, drug use, drug sales, etc… and that’s just the cartoon version.  No wonder Freaknik is no more.


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11 responses to “Freaknik the Musical: May Have Set Blacks Back a Step or Two

  1. Bebe’s Kids – 2010.

    Coonery or not, we can’t act like there wasn’t some accuracy in the portayal of some people in our community (or any community for that’s ‘urban’ America). Plus the Frat kids were dead on.

    We….and others consume so much of this garbage that’s come to be accepted as “good music” and “black entertainment” that you can’t really be upset when it shows up on the TV.
    Swag, hype, and questionable hip-hop..Half of those artists are considered (by millions) to be representatives of Our Culture…that’s T-painful (zing!).

    It’s okay to be Ignant from time to time- to have a laugh, but we created this.
    Mantan would be proud.

  2. astro

    tpain actually didnt run off with his baby momma, he ran from her with his other alien friends. you didnt pay much attention did you?

  3. Um…astro…You aren’t paying attention. I said ran away.

    “”Ghost of Freaknik Past” aka T-Pain ran away from a woman who had just told him that she needed support for his baby. “

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  5. Coontastic Entertainment at the expense of black people. Unfortunately some of us will never understand the concept of cultural conditioning. Undervalue, underestimate and marginalize

  6. Big D

    Im so sick of us being so f*cking sensitive. The whole show was ridiculous and over the top overt w/ its coonery to make points. Newsflash. one of the producers of the Boondocks was a producer on this as well. Does anyone watch Family Guy? South Park? American Dad? All of these shows exhibit the same kind of humor. but its ok because they mostly make fun of rednecks, crackers, etc? You ni**as have to accept parodys of yourselves w/out getting all mushy and political. You hate on this show but 10 mins later youre in your car listening to lil Wayne and hes saying even more ignorant ish….but its ok cuz its to a beat? get over it. it was funny and ridiculous at the same time

  7. Big D, your opinion is welcome, but I respectfully disagree. In my opinion, that show was pure ignorance with little redeeming value. Hey, opinions are like a**holes…we’ve all got one. And…I don’t listen to Wayne. I’ve listened to his music and he even has a point half the time, but it’s not what I bump in my car. I’m a Neo soul chick.

  8. Scott

    You know the sad part about it is that we have black folks thinking it was a good show……

    condoning this coonery…..

    Harriet Tubman said it the best….I freed thousands of slaves and would have freed more if they only knew they were slaves.

  9. Scott: You can say that again! Preach!

  10. Tee

    This presentation of ignorance wrapped up in rap disrepect to women, and autotune is a slap in the face to any black person who has fought so hard for advances for our culture. So thank you hip-hop once again you make it so clear why other cultures think we black folks are ignorant fools.

  11. mellomoods2000@

    It’s satire. Black people are not exempt from the ridiculousness of some peoples’ reality.

    It is funny…and might be true of some. But this is a cartoon and will not advance us or stagnate us anymore than we have thus far.

    I’m watching it right now

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