About Hello, Negro


I’m a child of a black panther and a true negrophile. This blog is about what I feel, think, want, see, and want to share with the world….that changes daily. If you don’t agree or have a problem…charge it to my head and not my heart. If you like it…I love it. [IF you have a problem with the word “Negro” in the title of this blog, that’s your problem. It’s called Freedom of Expression. You have it. I have it.]

If you take this blog too seriously, or take yourself too seriously…you’ll just give yourself a headache and that’s never good. I don’t recommend either for my readers. A lot of what you find here is meant to challenge what you think…or at least make you think. Well, that’s not true…some of it is just for shock…awe…and of course laughs. Well, no blog is perfect…especially not this one…but we’ll try to make it interesting at least.

Blessings, Ashe, Peace, Hotep,…and all of the other African-American Boho salutations that I can’t remember at the moment,

Ebony aka Sista
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73 responses to “About Hello, Negro

  1. Love this site, and the name Hello,Negro. Keep up the good work. I think that if we learn to not take ourselves so seriously and laugh a little more and extend a lot of grace to one another and help each other, things will go better for us as a people. There are deep generational curses on us as a people group that need to be broken in the Name of Jesus. IT cannot happen under no other name! I totally get what you are trying to do, and it is awesome!
    God Bless you!

  2. firewriter

    You need to have “Hello Negro” t-shirts printed. I’d buy one.

  3. I’m also a graphic designer…t-shirts are on the way. Check back in about 2 weeks. 🙂

  4. Delora

    Love the site. I just was wondering what were your thoughts were on Imus getting his own show again in December…

  5. David L. Hill


    Love your Site.

    Love your Brand.

    Love to Buy a Hello Negro Tee.

    David L. Hill

  6. Jazzy

    Ashe lil’ Sista…

    I love the uniqueness of this site.

    Like a family cookout, there’s all kinds of soul food here. So, lets eat ya’ll, lol.


  7. This is really really great. A friend sent me the link to your site and I love it.

  8. superwoman


    This site is perfect! I absolutely love it. It is very refreshing. Keep up the good work. I need a “sista” like you for my son. (From my lips to Gods’ ears)!!!

  9. Thanks Superwoman! OH, and…I am single. LOL. Is he cute? LOL, can’t ask a mom that, huh? What are you going to say? Of course you would say Yes, right?

    Thanks for checking me out and commenting!

  10. superwoman

    Sista, I know how some moms are but I can honestly tell you he is gorgous! He is also smart, charismatic & sensitive. I’m fighting to keep him strickly for some nice SISTA!!! But I think he is too young for you, (only 21). lol If you have a niece his age maybe. lol Thanks for responding that was nice. I’ll keep reading and commenting. You have created a perfect forum for me to do so.

  11. Ok I would buy one of the HN tees too. I think you got a quorum here. LOL

    Keep up the good work.

  12. I enjoyed you site. I will blogroll you, until next time.

  13. JS

    When are the T SHIRTS going to come out???

  14. I’m with them, why you holding out on the shirts? I needs me a Hello Kitty top this summer….

  15. Fujiko Jackson

    Where may I purchase a Hello Negro T-shirt? Its cute, trendy and empowering > More so, It’s Loud and Clear. Its a very marketable design- idea.


  16. affrodite

    I love your site and will point my friends to it. I grew up in your part of the US and believe me when I say how much I miss the Baltimore-DC area.

  17. aj

    Thanks for linking to my site. BTW-I have moved to wordpress. The new url is overanalyzeit.wordpress.com.

    Thanks Again!

  18. Keep the shirts coming ! ! ! I’ve passed it on

  19. brwnidgyrl

    Okay, so i know this has absolutely nothing to do with nothing, but I found an article on your site about hair from awhile back and i am in desperate need of black folks hair care advice!!! i just took out a weave that has left my hair scarred and traumatized…. i’ve been going back and forth between wanting to wear it natural and curly and wanting to put a perm in it. I need to make a decision fast because the whole bohemian scarf thing is getting tired when I work with preschoolers and all they wanna do is tug on teacher’s “pirate head”. My whole dilemma with wearing natural and curly is that I can’t find a good product that will curl my hair up and give it the moisture it needs. I don’t want to put some grease in my hair that will just slick it back and make it look bad. If anyone out there has any, and i mean ANY, suggestions they would be greatly appreciated… thanx…
    and by the way… i do luv the fact that i stumbled onto this website.. i never knew it existed but now i’m ecstatic about it!! thank you again

  20. REALLY?

    “For Colored people…” Is snowbound, winter pale a color? Need more sun up here!

    Hi. Stumbled onto this site. Need to broaden my perspective. May I join the discussions?

  21. REALLY?


  22. Really?, welcome to the blog!

  23. REALLY?

    Thank you, sista. Your voice is solid.

  24. i love your blog sista
    you tryna enlighting
    a brother? what time is it
    can you write poetry?
    Im working on a project
    i need some help from a sista.

    Power to the People

    God Bless u

  25. Nicole564

    Love the site! Wish you could expand to magazine format. It would be nice to have an engaging, intelligent and humorous magazine that offers social and political commentary from a black perspective. I would definitely subscribe! And since we’re on the subject of print media (which I refuse to believe is dead!!!), know of any beauty magazines that focus on natural black hair? Napturally you isn’t printing anymore, and they’re the only ones I’ve found.

  26. White Kitty

    it’s interesting that both TWPL and TBPL are written by/from the Black person’s point of view. Things White People Like reads like a put-down, while Things Black People Like is a put-up. how well would Blacks take to reading a Things Black People Like written by White people from the same point of view the Blacks writing TWPL have? basically, why is it always okay for Blacks to put Whites down but not the other way around? Personally, I’m gettin’ tired of this reverse rascism crap.

  27. Misspopo

    LUV HN!
    Can an old sista say something today??
    Why are the jails and prisons overcrowded with young black men in the prime of their lives when they are most productive, most creative, most healthy and most virile? Will someone please figure out a way to tell all of them they are needed and missed at home….whether they have money or not..whether they are married to their childen’s mothers or not…Ain’t nobody’s business. Your children need your guidance.
    Your woman needs your love & strength…..Your morale support for your family is needed. Your presence is needed in the church and community and your votes are needed at the polls.
    Pleeease ‘stand-down’ soldiers..do what your grandpa’s did…see ‘Proverbs 3-5:6
    time for the old sista to lay down now 🙂

  28. LaSheba

    I was not sure how to take the site, I was googling for some information and this site poped up first on the list. Once I saw the name I was very curious while I am trying not to be offended by the name, I will say be careful of who you sell those shirts too, Becasue if I see anybody “WHITE” walking down the street in a “HELLO NEGRO” T-Shirt I may be going to JAIL.

  29. LaSheba

    I thought about it Hard I dont think the T-Shirt would be a good idea.

  30. After skimming through the home page on this site and watching the video’s. I was almost brought to tears to think that some white idiots are reacting as they are to the Obama campaign and African American presence in the elections. I am deeply disturbed over this. I think that the presence of an African American in the White House is an added blessing to having the right guy in office. Thank you for posting this information for everyone to see. You got to know that there are white people who cant stand this racist and ingnorant behavior. Misspopo you got it right, “Your presence is needed in the church and community and your votes are needed at the polls”. Thank you for all that you are doing, your neighborhood has been my neighborhood too. I have been to prison and there are way too many brothers in there. Can a white guy tell you that you are not alone in the struggle for a fair and just society? We need to appreciate eachother more and realize that this is a difference of rich and poor, not necessarily black and white. Its not always about color, but it is always about who can feed their family and who cant. God bless you for this site really!

  31. Nia

    Check out:

    Identity, Race, Racism, Labels & Shortcuts: Hopefully, Not A Complete Remake of the Same Song, But A Somewhat Familiar, Yet Still Engaging, New Tune

    on http://www.thetalentedmasses.com

  32. tyoosaki

    This is a new take on Black History Month. It encourages all to use the month to get things accomplished and make steps towards the future. It is a new initiative I worked on for AT&T. Please stop by, become a fan, and use the site to motivate, inspire and empower others.
    Happy 28 days!


  33. I’ve just got hip to this website and have instantly become a fan. Be sure to check me and my girls blog Roast Beef Vag.

  34. Mrs. Washington


    I. love. your. blog.

    Sheer hilarity, everytime I read it. I can depend on us black folk to continuously and continually provide comedic material expressly for my amusement and entertainment. Do you have a facebook page? You probably have identified it somewheres on your blog, but I’m too lazy to look for it.

  35. Brwnidgyrl, I know this is a very late reply to your question, but I just found this site (and I love it, by the way!!) Natural hair is beautiful, and I am not just saying that because mine is!! Why not appreciate your hair. I am not saying that perming it is not appreciating it, but it has been found that perming damages one’s skin and hair; why put yourself through all of that?

    Also, there are great books about our hair!! Just check your local library; the books are great reads and you learn so much!! Look up the name Lonnice Brittenum Bonner for starters!!

    I also have my own website at http://www.necessary-afrocentricism.com where I sell my poetry as a self-published, afrocentric author. I am college student and I am very interested in Natural Medicine; if anyone has any information about that, please feel free to connect with me on that!!

    Ignorance is misery

  36. MM

    I stumbled on your site accidentally when looking up something on Michael Jackson. Well you know, one link leads to another… lol.

    And btw, I agree with your observation on Michael Jackson’s children not showing any visible sign of their genetic heritage. What is going on there?

    -Dang entertaining blog.

  37. For the sista embracing her natural curl I highly recommend http://www.kinkycurly.com

  38. teachliterature

    Hi. I’m going to go out on a limb here. I also stumbled upon this site while searching around about Michael Jackson’s kids.
    Four things:
    1) Tell me what you really think about white people on this site and do it in an intelligent, thoughtful way. I’ll listen and leave if necessary.
    2)I love the name of this site. It’s clever and very cool. Okay, I said it, “Cool.”
    3) Although I know there’s a difference between blacks making fun of whites and whites making fun of blacks, it concerns me, as it does White Kitty and others. I know all about racism, don’t take me for some stupid white girl. That’s not me.
    4) The T-Shirts are outstanding. I like both the Hello Negro one and the I’m not a tragic mulatto one, too. I would buy and wear a Hello Negro shirt because it’s clever and smart and thought provoking. I just can’t afford it.

  39. Ren

    Where can I get a t-shirt?

  40. MM

    My last comment about Michael Jackson’s children not “showing” their ethnic heritage was a question I think many people wonder about. But its not an important question. Especially since his death, the one thing that really stands out is that he was their father in a meaningful way. He loved and treasured his children and they loved him back. That is what is important.

  41. K.Lynn

    To the author: I’m a baby boomer, born in the 50’s, survived the 60’s, fought racism through the 70’s up to this very day. When I came upon this site, I was shocked to see the name Hello, Negro (like Hello, Kitty). It’s a shame that having been born to who you say you were born to, you think so little of the black race that you can publicly disrespect it for all the world to see. This is one reason white folks just can’t understand us. If one of them said “Negro”, we’d start looking for Al Sharpton’s phone number. After all of the lynchings, murders, spitting, etc. that our people had to endure, do you still not understand that we don’t want to be called Negro? Do you think this is a joke? Was there no other name available for you to use? When was the last time you had a talk with your parents? I’m sure they don’t honestly approve, being who you say they are. No, I don’t call this Freedom of Expression, I call it Youthful Disrespect.

  42. K. Lynn, You are entitled to your opinion and the expression of that opinion…as am I.

  43. teachliterature

    Personally, I think it’s fascinating to see the way words change over time. My understanding is that the word negro was used a term of respect until about the 1960’s when it became somewhat passe, and was replaced by African American, Afro American, and black. In the last few years I’ve seen the work negro come back into fashion, if you will. I’ve heard it used in movies, spoken by African American actors, and I’ve heard it used more and more in a general sense. It doesn’t strike me as backwards or racist or disgraceful. I see it as another example of people taking a word and bending its meaning, in a positive way. It’s like the words dyke and queer. Gay folks have taken those words and made them their own, and in the process taken the sting out of them. I believe that using words in different ways, and taking them back, is impowering, not disrespectful.

  44. “Hello Negro”

    I read your post about why you named the blog “Hello Negro”… LOVE IT! I think bluntness is definitely needed in today’s society. We’re exposed to so much crap, and yet, people still can’t talk openly about race, and related issues? That’s nuts. “Hello Negro’s” are needed in not only areas concerning race relations, but in career, relationships, politics, etc.

    I am new to the blog community, and I’m trying to build traffic. I’d like to add you to my blogroll, but I’d also like for you to check out the site (www.passmeashovel.com) and add me to your blogroll if any of our topics catch your eye.

    Thanks a bunch, and keep the controversial topics going!

  45. TheSubstance

    Hello Negro ain’t nothin but the truth!!!
    And no, Negro is not a term of disrespect. Negro is the term we took for ourselves because we no longer could tolerate being called Colored.
    Sista, I have a question. Have you heard about the controversy over a black baby doll being carried by CostCo that has on a knitted hat with Lil Monkey on it? The doll is hugging a baby monkey. Someone emailed pictures to me. Its unbelievable.

  46. TheSubstance

    Miss Kitty is tired of this reverse racism crap? Well I am not a proponent of racism, however I have to say, sorry, try 300 plus years honey. People have t0 express how they feel, wrong or right, agree or disagree. Just as your people have done forever and never expected anyone to disagree or dare to express discomfort. So you get no sympathy here. Now I don’t believe that all Caucasian people are bad or that all African people are good. I just look at history. Africans have not left footprints of devastation in every country we have entered. That’s your legacy.

  47. The Substance: Haven’t seen it…I’ll have to look that up.

  48. Oh, please, please, PLEASE tell me you’re going to blog about the new “All-American Basketball Alliance.” (Article link below.) There’s just so much epic FAIL about the racist douchebag who wants to start the thing, name of Don “Moose” Lewis. One wonders how the low-browed knuckle-dragger manages to walk and talk at the same time.


  49. Christina

    Why did you choose this name for the website? I hate it and we need to stop with the “N” word!

  50. Christina…Negro is not the N-word. Ask around. Most people would agree with me. I think WE are clear on the N-word. There are a few more letters in that word.

  51. What!!!

    Saw you on black horizons and picked up my iPhone to check you out. I like it a lot. Will bookmark at the end of this sentence. 😉

  52. Stealth Femme

    Thanks for a place to express myself. I hope you don’t find me too controversial as others have 🙂

  53. I have nothing against you’re being the offspring of a Black Panther Member, and a true Negrophile, but I do have something against the Hello Negro Title; WHY? A great number of people died, because of the disrespect the word brought, and now today it is slung around as though it has been a part of our vocabulary like there were no sacrifices made to end its use. How can we as a Black American People, people of color ask to be respected, and think we have come a long way because there is a man of color representing this country, and all people of color, he is whether you given it any consideration or not. You my email correspondent, would like to be recognize as someone whom has a voice, then show that you do, and the respect to your parents, and not allow their hard work go Un-notice, you are their offspring, show it, considered a different title.

  54. Richard: Martin Luther King, Jr. used the word Negro all the time. Do you have a problem with his use of it?

    In my opinion, Negro is the spanish word for black. If we were talking about the N-word, you would have a point. Colored…you might have a point there. I have the right to my opinion as you do. Thank you for sharing.

  55. jubilee

    Negro is spanish for black, also, in the bible, Simon, not Peter, was called ‘Black Simon” by the guys. Everytime it mentions him ,the bible says ‘the one called Niger’

  56. jubilee

    The Substance, if you are having a problem about the black kid holding a monkey, then do something about Darwinism being taught as fact in most schools and colleges. Darwin wrote that we were no smarter than a 11 y/o white kid because of our skulls because we were closest to the monkey. Unfortunatly, his book Survival of the Fittest came out right when we were coming out of slavery and i think it had an influence over ‘reconstruction’ policies and ‘jim crow’ as well

  57. Tee

    How do I get dat t-shirt ?

  58. Swiftsure

    Dear Hello Negro!

    I just snooped around your site and I have to say it’s so refreshing to find someone who is so at ease with themselves and has such a good and healthy sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Keep it up, you got something good going on between your ears and in your heart!

  59. Marta

    Negro is a great word! It is lovely!

    In Puerto Rico-Cuba-Santo Domingo etc, wives call their husbands “MI NEGRO” instead of honey or sweetie .

    “Mi negro” was called my grandpa, my dad, my brother…
    My white Cuban husband of 25 years calls me (a mulata) “mi negra” I just love it.

  60. Pingback: Dominique black butterflies natural hair care | AtomicImage

  61. Very good site dont let it die

  62. Thanks, iBlackguy!



  64. Pasta P

    Sista…there was a shock effect at first sight of “Hello, Negro”…but when I saw it was owned and operated by a Black Sista, that said it all! You know who you are and what you want. Without a vision, the people perish. I respect your vision as you strive to perfect it. I just finished a spanish course, and the word negro is considered black, and is a word of great respect in many parts of the world. Just because one race took it out of context here, doesn’t make it wrong everywhere. Keep exercising your freedom of speech & challenging our minds!

  65. Thanks Pasta P. In this life you have to make your choices and stand by them. No choice is going to be 100% liked or respected by the masses. It’s my blog, my words, my expression and if people take issue with my use of “negro” I just take it as a chance to discuss and possibly learn and share wisdom (on both sides). Blessings

  66. Pasta P

    You’re very welcomed Sista! I can’t count how many time I’ve heard us use… Negro please! This is what dialogue is all about…to be able to bounce knowledge off one another, in a very real intelligent way, and leave sharper than when we first started. Iron sharpens Iron. Blessings to you as well 😉

  67. Big Old Whitey

    Sista, you know how online communication is. Your probably an old white man from Idaho, making a buck hiding behind a nice domain name and a blog, exploiting us all. but we love it. Keep it up Sir.

  68. Big Old Whitey, LOL!!!! That’s a mess.

    I’m black. I was on Black Enterprise’s “Our World” show so there is actual evidence of this. Howard Grad, Afrocentric Parents, Typical Black Girl Name. Trust.
    I’m not making a buck. As you can clearly see there are no ads on this site. This is a labor of love. One that I’ve not been keeping up with as much as I’d like recently, but a labor of love none the less.

  69. I`am not MAD

    As A older AA man .I have to say that i`m not happy with the sites that are out there. “BUT” Sis here has taken a walk outside of her glass house to smell the roses .that`s a hard thing to go.”U”know to look into ones soul and say i can do Better. Have a Great day….

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