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Hey DC, you need to check out Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers (19th and Penn NW) is my new favorite restaurant spot here in DC. I especially love that they just opened in Sept…that way I get to scoop all my friends like “You don’t know nothing about this, huh?”  LOL  The food was awesome. I brought a guy friend there for his birthday yesterday and both of us are sold.  The deviled eggs with seafood in them are CRAZY good!!  Crazy!  Tuna, lobster, crab, and smoked salmon.  Yummy!   He had the chicken and waffles (which looked great and I think the menu said something regarding funnel cake batter…you know black folks love funnel cakes) with mac and cheese, and I had the Late Harvest salad (the bacon on it was delicious…that thick Amish-style bacon.  It was like half an inch think.  I’m not supposed to be eating bacon and I know a lot of yall don’t do pork…but who cares.  That bacon was the bomb!).  The mint limeade was great too.  The staff was so friendly and informative and the atmosphere/decor was nice and relaxed, but kinda upscale too.  I really loved it and I’d recommend it to friends.

Oh and most importantly…the prices are reasonable.  Oh yes, I’m not going anywhere that is going to break me during the coming depression…cough…recession.

Here’s some more info on the place.  For all of you who are serious about living green and going green…this is the spot for you.

Founding Farmers is here to bring you the bounty of true Farm-to-Table choices in an environment dedicated to sustainability…we believe that everyone benefits by knowing more about the source of the food they eat.   We understand the journey from seed to harvest, and from Farm-to-Table, and are dedicated to making that connection each and every time. Owned by a collective of American family farmers, Founding Farmers exists to promote the products and services of family farms, ranches, and fisheries. We also want to educate the public about the long-standing connection between farmers  – the first to lead the “green” movement – and their historic stewardship of natural resources.

Founding Farmers has been designed to meet LEED Gold Standard design criteria, a first for a restaurant in the District of Columbia. LEED is a term used to describe architecture and interior design that has been constructed and created with very little impact on the environment.  Most “green” buildings are usually LEED certified buildings, as designated by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

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Friday Question: Do African Americans care about what is going on in Africa?

In light of the famine, civil war, genocide, food shortages, and civil/political instability on the mother continent I raise this question”

Do African Americans care about what is going on in Africa? If you feel that the answer is yes, please note how we show that we care.


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Something to think about when you are frying chicken

How many of you are like me and would have just thrown water on it.  Fire = Throw water in my mind.  Lord, I’m glad I watched this.  Send this video to all your fried food loving friends.  Send it to all the wonderful African American cooks you know.  Yes, the folk who can “throw down”!  Fried turkey (you’re supposed to do that outside anyway), fried chicken, fried fish, french fries…etc.  Be safe.


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Friday Five: Your Five Favorite Soul Food dishes

Nothing is more a part of our history than our meals.  Soul Food helped us to survive on scraps, feed us at churches before we marched for civil rights, and helped us build businesses.  I has also taken some lives…gotta watch your health, Negroes.  🙂

We are talking main dishes, side dishes, sauces, gravy, dessert, etc.  He’s my list…even though I’m converting to Veganism.  *sigh and a collective “Negro, Please” ring throughout the readers*  LOL

1. Fried Chicken

2. Collard Greens

3. Pound Cake

4. Mac and Cheese

5. Gibblet Gravy

How about you?


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Queen Latifah is Newest Star to Endorse Jenny Craig

I must have been under a rock because I missed this story from December.  Queen Latifah talked about how she wants to lose about 5-10% of her body fat (approx 25 pounds) on a recent episode of Larry King.

“We officially confirm that Queen Latifah will join the Jenny Craig program in January,” Scott Parker, Jenny Craig’s vice president of marketing, tells PEOPLE. “We are thrilled to have Queen Latifah support our mission of improving health by taking her first step toward achieving a more healthful lifestyle.”

Parker adds: “Queen Latifah joins forces with Jenny Craig to communicate the importance of how small lifestyle changes, in the areas of diet and exercise, can have positive effects on overall health.”

What are her plus sized fans going to think if she turns into a thin star.  Oh my, clutch the pearls!!!

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Black People and Weight Loss: Part Deux

By Makeisha Lee, Health and Nutritional Advisor

Columbus, OH ( – Tyler Perry’s movie, Why Did I Get Married?, struck a cord of pain with our community for several reasons. However, there was one undeniable, universal appeal that of identification with the overweight character, played by Jill Scott. From the embarrassment that obesity caused the character when denied air travel, to the unrelenting ridicule from her mate, and even self-degrading comments was, “oh too familiar” for a lot of us.

According to New York Times reviewers, Perry charters waters that other writers only dare to present on-screen without the shield of humor. Agreeably and proudly we applaud him for having the courage to highlight such a pervasive and painful issue, while maintaining dignity and integrity!

We need to have this issue out in the open for dialogue, in an up-close and personal fashion so that we may get at the crux of the problem – once for all time. With obesity stats for Blacks off the charts like Tyler Perry’s movie sales, we need to turn on the floodlights so that we all can see clearly what our path should really be to get healthy and lean.

In my first column (African American Weight Loss Cycle – Part One), it was eluded to that there may in fact be some conspiracies involved in keeping the Black population sick and overweight for possible financial gains. Naturally, we would be prompted to ask – WHY us? Here are two possible reasons:

1) Some may be unaware that, based on recent studies conducted by Hunter Miller Group, research analysis, Blacks have powerful spending power, especially for certain things like “what we eat”. A lot of what we eat is unhealthy and ultimately makes us SICK and FAT. Various industries and entities know this and capitalize off of our spending habits; at great expense to our health and well being. Continue reading


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Black People and Weight Loss: Vicious Cycle

By Makeisha Lee, Health and Nutritional Advisor

Columbus, OH ( – Blacks are officially considered to be an endangered species due to obesity and terrifying related illness. Diets, surgeries, pills, exercise motions and potions; though easily and readily available have done little-to-nothing to help people lose weight long-term. If those options don’t completely suit your fancy, then you have high powered initiatives to get people moving into action; like the Bally’s fitness Challenge, Shaq’s Challenge, BET healthy challenge, and of course the 50 Million Pound Challenge. All of these are attempting to provide a solution to the Obesity plague for our community.

Even with all of these mechanisms in place, the 50 million pound question that lies before us is: Why is it that we as “Blacks” are STILL some of the most obese people on the planet?

Previously, whites were the poster children for dieting to lose weight; however we have been doing our fair share too in the recent years, with no dent in this trend of disproportionate obesity, coupled with chronic illness.

The facts are the facts! Prevalence of obesity among blacks has increased 35 percent in the past 10 years alone. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), we lead in the highest percentages in both sexes and even amongst children, as compared to other ethnicities when it comes to the contemptible “beast of burden”- obesity. So what is REALLY going on? Continue reading

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