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Man indited over nooses hanging from his truck at Jena march

The Louisiana resident, 18, faces federal hate-crime, conspiracy charges for allegedly displaying hangman’s nooses from the back of a pickup truck during a civil rights march last year in Jena, Louisiana.  As you will recall , thousands of marchers were protesting handling of several racially charged incidents.

Jeremiah Munsen, 18, of Grant Parish, repeatedly drove slowly past a group of marchers gathered at a bus depot in Alexandria, which is near Jena, as they awaited buses to return them to Tennessee, federal authorities said Thursday.  Munsen and an unnamed conspirator had attached nooses to their pickup on September 20 and driven to Alexandria specifically to threaten and intimidate the marchers, the authorities said.

A juvenile passenger was apprehended with Munsen, according to the arresting officer’s report.  The juvenile told police he and his family are in the Ku Klux Klan and that he had “KKK” tattooed on his chest, the police report said. He also said that he tied the nooses and that brass knuckles found in the truck belonged to him, the report said.

“This indictment accuses the defendant [Munsen] of conduct that constitutes a federal civil rights conspiracy violation and a federal hate crime,” said U.S. Attorney Donald Washington.


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Jena 6 seeking pardons

Jena 6 seeking pardons…say that five times fast.  Dare you!  Probably easier to say that five times fast than to find hope that some pardons will happen, huh??

The New York Times is reporting that members of the Congressional Black Caucus called on Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco to pardon Mychal Bell and five other teenagers known as the Jena Six. Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee, Democrat of Texas, said in a letter to Ms. Blanco this week that Mr. Bell and the other teenagers have paid their debt to society and should be immediately pardoned. “They and their families have suffered enough, as has the state of Louisiana and the town of Jena,” the letter reads. Fourteen other members of the caucus joined Ms. Jackson-Lee in urging Ms. Blanco to support releasing Mr. Bell, who was sentenced on Dec. 3 to 18 months in a juvenile facility for his role in an assault last year on Justin Barker, a white student at Jena High School. Ms. Blanco’s press secretary, Marie Centanni, said in a statement that the governor could not grant a pardon or a commutation without a recommendation from the State Pardon Board.

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Group works to keep “minority-invaders” out of Jena


If things aren’t resolved to the satisfaction of the Nationalist Movement before Jan. 21, the group says it will not go to Jena, La.

The people of Jena, I’m sure, would be glad of that.

The group plans to have a “Jena Justice Day” rally, partly intended as the centerpiece of the group’s national protest against Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Also, in an Oct. 15 letter to Jena Mayor Murphy McMillin, Richard Barrett, an attorney and founder of the Nationalists, said the group was prompted to schedule the event in “large measure because of the officials’ announced plans to set up a ‘biracial committee’ to placate demands by the recent minority-invaders.”

Jena is creating a Community Relations Panel to address a variety of local concerns, including race.

The “minority-invaders” are the thousands who rallied on Sept. 20 in support of six black teens who have become known as the “Jena Six.”

Now, the Learned, Miss.-based Nationalist Movement is suing Jena, claiming the town is violating the organization’s constitutional rights.


Yes, it exists. It’s a south Mississippi town so small it doesn’t rate an index listing in my road atlas. However, it is on the map – about 30 miles east/southeast of Vicksburg.

In addition to the suit, the Nationalists have filed for a temporary restraining order to keep Jena and its mayor from interfering with the organization’s rally. Continue reading

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Jena Six fund could go to the White Student who was beat up

Great Article from The Shreveport Times

It could be the Barker family, not the families of the Jena Six, who receive the money from Jena Six Defense Fund.

Pineville attorney Henry Lemoine Jr., representing Justin Barker and his family, said the fund could be used as restitution if the Barkers win their civil lawsuit against the Jena Six and their families.


The petition, filed Nov. 29, also seeks unspecified damages from the LaSalle School Board and a seventh student, Malcolm Shaw.

Lemoine said at this point in time, he’s unsure how much money the Barkers are seeking. But Justin Barker’s medical bills in connection with the Dec. 4, 2006, attack on him alone have totaled more than $19,000, Lemoine said.

LaSalle schools Superintendent Roy Breithaupt declined to comment on the case or say who is representing the School Board in the matter. LaSalle District Attorney Reed Walters normally is the attorney for the school system but won’t be representing it in this case because it could be seen as a conflict of interest, Walters’ spokesman Bill Furlow said.

Messages left for several attorneys for the Jena Six students and their parents went unreturned.

Bob Noel, one of the attorneys representing Mychal Bell in his criminal proceedings, said he hasn’t been contacted about the civil lawsuit and has no plans to get involved in it.

The lawsuit alleges Justin Barker is entitled to monetary damages for, among other claims, past and future mental and physical pain; loss of future wages and the ability to learn job skills due to injuries; loss of consortium; loss of the ability to enjoy life; and permanent physical damage.

The lawsuit also alleges damages and injuries to Barker’s parents, David and Kelli, including past and future medical expenses for Justin and consortium with Justin.

“They didn’t ask for this,” Lemoine said of the Barkers and the attention this case has brought them and the effects of the attack on Justin. “These are very private people. They did nothing to get involved in all this. It has been thrust upon them.” Continue reading


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Katrina Water Putting out CA, Fires, Obama Wins and You Voted for “That White Lady”

Chris Rock does stand up before introducing Senator Barack Obama at his fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in Harlem Thursday evening. His jokes included jabs at Hillary Clinton, George Bush, and the aftermath of Katrina.


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Judge Rules, Jena Six Open to the Public is reporting…

JENA, La. – Legal proceedings against a black teenager among a group whose prosecution in the beating of a white classmate led to a massive civil rights protest must be open to the public, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Because the charges involve violence, all proceedings against Mychal Bell — including hearings, the trial and sentencing — will be public even though Bell is being tried as a juvenile, state District Judge Thomas Yeager decided.

“We need to have public trials so the public has confidence in what we do,” Yeager said during a hearing in a lawsuit filed by media organizations covering the so-called Jena Six.

The thing that jumped out to me was that the reporter said “so-called Jena Six”.  What else would they be called…six wild niggas from Louisiana?!?!  Seriously, is this trial public so that confidence can be built up, or so that they can pull out some bullshit craziness during the proceedings that will taint the public’s perception of the Jena Six…and cause problem in additional cases?  I don’t know…I’m no lawyer.

I’m like Richard Pryor…”I went to court looking for Justice and that’s what I found…Just Us.”

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A Racist Thing Happened on the Road to Jena…

Here is an account of racism experienced by a group of travellers to the Jena Six protest in Jena a few months ago (it was emailed to me).

I had the pleasure and duty to attend this rally. I hope that we all
understand the importance of our attention to the injustices that are
at work in our criminal justice system and the nation at large. Some
may view the disparate treatment of African-American males as an
African-American problem. From unequal treatment in restaurants, to questionable negotiation processes in the financial realm, inappropriate lunch and cocktail hour conversations, to my most recent en counter with our ugly American past this Wednesday night on the way to the rally in Jena, Louisiana… There are many places in America where justice, fairness and equality are not blind. I’ve been profiled many times before, but this one is worth telling. To the two men that were there with me that night, we became more than friends that night. I’m proud to have been there with them.


At approximately 1130 PM, September 19, 2007, my friends (Charles Reeves and Anthony Payne) and I found ourselves on the side of the road outside the town of Tylertown, Mississippi. After riding for a short while behind the squad car that emerged from the wooded roadside, he pulled behind us and promptly turned on his lights and siren. There was no question that we were driving lawfully, as we were driving on cruise control, five miles under the speed limit. Ironically, we had chosen to do this to avoid being pulled over on the notorious stretch of Mississippi road known as “Bloody 98”.

His first question as he approached the car: Do you all have
His second question: So… Where are ya’ll headed? After I responded
that we were headed to Vidalia (a town thirty miles from Jena,
Louisiana where we had hotel reservations), he continued to ask several questions regarding Vidalia. Not one related to my registration, driving or a potential traffic violation. But instead:

Officer 1: “So, what are you going to do in Vidalia?”
MTF: “I’m going to Comfort Suites in Vidalia.”
Officer 1: “Is that it, just going to a hotel?”, “There’s nothing to do in Vidalia, is that all you’re going there for?”, “You have any friends or family there?”
MTF: (cutting him off) “I’m going to a hotel in Vidalia.”
Officer 1: “So, really, Vidalia, you going anywhere else?”, “Can you step outside to the back of the car please”

The conversation continued at the back of the car. Fog lights blared
in my face as I became increasingly angry and antagonistic. My friends are still in the car with fog lights beaming into the back of the car. After several refused attempts to get me to answer something other than “I’m going to a hotel in Vidalia”, he moved to my vehicle.

Officer 1: “So, are you aware that my computer shows that your
tag is expired?”
MTF: “No it is not. I have the registration, decals and you’re welcome to run it. Do you mind telling me what the problem is?”
Officer 1: “Well, maybe my computer’s wrong. But you were swerving back there did you know that?”
MTF: “I don’t believe that I was, but I can’t say anything about that. Do you want to tell me what the problem is?”
Officer 1: “Ok. Give me a minute. I’m just conducting my investigation.”

He returned to his car and came back.

Officer 1: “Do you have any drugs or illegal items in the car?”
MTF: “No, I don’t. I don’t keep illegal items in my car. I’m an attorney. I don’t keep any illegal items on my person or in
my car. I have a bar card if you would like to see that as well”

Officer 1: “Really? What law school did you go to?
MTF: “Howard University School of Law”
Officer 1: “Do you mind if I search your car?”
MTF: “As a matter of fact I do. No you cannot.” Continue reading


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