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Send Mother Dear a Check: AARP Survey Says Older Blacks Hit Hard By Recession

It’s time to dig into your pockets.  Dig like you’re in a church pew (I once heard in a church…from a pastor…”We like the money that jingles, but we love the money that folds”.  Sigh)  Time to send Mommy, “Mother Dear” and “Pop Pop” a check, brothers and sisters!

Kansas City Star:  The economic recession has had a “devastating impact” on African Americans age 45 and up, according to a new survey by AARP.

The survey, which is part of AARP’s continued look at how African Americans age 45 and older are faring in this economy, found that over the last year:

— 33 percent of African Americans age 45 and older had problems paying rent or mortgage.

— 44 percent had problems paying for essential items, such as food and utilities.

— 18 percent lost a job, nearly twice the rate of the general population.

— 23 percent lost their employer-sponsored health care.

If people who are of working age are doing pretty bad, I can’t imagine how the retirees and those on Social Security are managing. I’m reminded of those heating old and electric bill subsidy commercials that come on in the winter that always have some “assumed” poor, elderly African American in them. The person is always sitting at home by an old school electric heater, wrapped up in a blanket and wearing a hat. Those commercials remind me to call and check on my mom and my grandmother. This information makes me think I should cast my net of concern a little wider this time of year. Maybe we all should.

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Racism and Transformers: Robots with gold teeth and “inner-city accents”

“Autobots Mudflap and Skids,  a pair of twin robots voiced by Tom Kenny, sport noticeable inner-city accents and are adorned with gold caps on their teeth. At one point, they’re asked if they can read some ancient runes that keep popping up. “Nah, we don’t really do much reading,” one of them replies.” – Washington Times

We’ve posted the video of one of them saying that they don’t read much below (Until the movie company has it deleted).

Um…maybe someone should get these robots “Hooked on Ebonics”? Another reminder that this is not a post-racial America.  Black face robots, Sambots (as an article notes below)…sad.

Infoaddict has a review of this controversy.  Here are some highlights:

Movies @ MSN:

And I haven’t even begun to talk about the racist-caricature robots of “The Twins,” who speak in thug slang and “aren’t much for reading” and talk about getting “up in that ass,” and one of whom has, I wish I were kidding, a gold tooth.

The New York Times:

That disconnect only deepens with the introduction of two new Autobot characters, the illiterate, bickering twins Skids (Tom Kenny) and Mudflap (Reno Wilson), both of which take the shape of Chevrolet concept cars. The characters have been given conspicuously cartoonish, so-called black voices that indicate that minstrelsy remains as much in fashion in Hollywood as when, well, Jar Jar Binks was set loose by George Lucas. For what it’s worth, the script, by Ehren Kruger, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, also includes a crack about Simmons, who’s coded as Jewish, and his “pubic-fro head.”

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I have White moments. Lots of them!

My first post!  So excited!  Okay, moving along…

I ran into Sista yesterday minutes before she had her Black moment on the mall.  It didn’t occur to me to give her a long goodbye hug, knowing that she might possibly be the last person of color that I’d encounter for the next hour or so as I participated in the Capital Striders weekly Smithsonian Run. Turns out there were 3 of us this week!  New record!

This isn’t just a phenomenon at the Mall.  Main Avenue, Hains Point, Mt. Vernon Trail, C&O Canal, Rock Creek Park.  If there are white people out and being recreational, we’re not there.

There are plenty of Black treadmill creatures and spin cyclists present during my semi-annual trip to the gym but mention doing anything outdoors within the city limits to them and you might as well be asking them to throw flames on the Emancipation Proclamation.

What gives?


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Single Man dances to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)”

This man is dancing the mess out of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”.  I’ve posted the side by side so you can see how well he has her dance moves down.  He is tooo tooo fierce for words!!!  Snap for the Kids!   Snap, snap, snap for the kids, honey!

How is he doing this whole routine in that lil bit of space, I have no idea.  Oh, but the outfit needs to go…do not pass go, do not collect $200.  LOL


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Pastors endorsing McCain over the Pulpit

This is hardly news to me because I recall this kind of activity during other elections, most memorably, the 2004 election when people were urged to “vote your conscience”. This is, however, a blatant attempt to override the 54 year old ban on political endorsements by tax-exempt entities. I’m assuming these 30+ plus pastors are endorsing McCain because of his views on abortion and homosexuality. There’s an interesting video on CNN. Let’s see how they fare with the IRS, because I also remember Bush going after the NAACP for criticizing the Bush Administration. Oh wait, I think the “vote your conscience” pastors got by just fine… I’m sure there are pastors endorsing Obama, but I’m sure they aren’t crazy enough to taunt the IRS. Chris Rock is right, Republicans just make up their own rules…

The Washington Post

CROWN POINT, Ind., Sept. 28 — Defying a federal law that prohibits U.S. clergy from endorsing political candidates from the pulpit, an evangelical Christian minister told his congregation Sunday that voting for Sen. Barack Obama would be evidence of “severe moral schizophrenia.”

The Rev. Ron Johnson Jr. told worshipers that the Democratic presidential nominee’s positions on abortion and gay partnerships exist “in direct opposition to God’s truth as He has revealed it in the Scriptures.” Johnson showed slides contrasting the candidates’ views but stopped short of endorsing Obama’s Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain.

Johnson and 32 other pastors across the country set out Sunday to break the rules, hoping to generate a legal battle that will prompt federal courts to throw out a 54-year-old ban on political endorsements by tax-exempt houses of worship.

The ministers contend they have a constitutional right to advise their worshipers how to vote. As Johnson put it during a break between sermons, “The point that the IRS says you can’t do it, I’m saying you’re wrong.”

The campaign, organized by the Alliance Defense Fund, a socially conservative legal consortium based in Arizona, has gotten the attention of the Internal Revenue Service. The agency, alerted by opponents, pledged to “monitor the situation and take action as appropriate.”

Each campaign season brings allegations that a member of the clergy has crossed a line set out in a 1954 amendment to the tax code that says nonprofit, tax-exempt entities may not “participate in, or intervene in . . . any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.”

This time, the church action is concerted. Yet while the ministers say the rules stifle religious expression, their opponents contend that the tax laws are essential to protect the separation of church and state. They say political speech should not be supported by a tax break for the churches or the worshipers who are contributing to a political cause. Continue reading

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US Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones dies after an aneurysm

Hello Negros sends its prayers out to the family of Stephanie Tubbs Jones.


In this April 10, 2006 file photo, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio, testifies before the public hearings regarding the Deposit Insurance Application of Wal-Mart Bank at Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in Arlington, Va. Tubbs Jones, the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress, was hospitalized Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008, after suffering an aneurysm, her spokeswoman said. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

(CNN) — Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first black woman to represent Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives, died Wednesday after suffering an aneurysm, medical officials said.

Tubbs Jones, who was in her fifth term representing parts of Cleveland and its suburbs, was 58.

She suffered the aneurysm Tuesday evening while driving in her home district in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, a statement from her office said.

She was rushed to East Cleveland’s Huron Hospital, where a team of doctors determined Wednesday morning that she had “very limited brain function,” said Dr. Gus Kious, the hospital’s chief of staff.

Wednesday afternoon, before Tubbs Jonesdied, Kious said that the aneurysm “an inaccessible part of her brain” and that she was in critical condition.

The congresswoman had a full day of activity Tuesday, according to the statement from her office, “including planning for an upcoming forum on electoral reform, scheduled for September 4, 2008, at Cleveland State University.”

Tubbs Jones, elected to Congress in 1998, would have turned 59 on September 10.

She was an early supporter of Clinton’s White House bid but endorsed Barack Obama in June after the New York senator bowed out of the race.

Tubbs Jones was a Democratic superdelegate and one of Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters. She was scheduled to attend the Democratic National Convention next week in Denver, Colorado.

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Whoopi says the N-word on the view, Hasselbeck cries

Jesse just had to say the n-word, didn’t he, dag. Anyway…In many ways, they are both right. It’s funny to me how black and white America sometimes assume they know the other side so very well.

Whoopi said…”No, no, I, I want you to. But what I need you to understand is the frustration that goes along when you say we live in the same world. It isn’t balanced. And we would like it to be. But you have to understand, you have to listen to the fact that we’re telling you, there are issues, there are huge problems that still affect us. And you’ve got to know this if you want to know us.”

Around that time Elisabeth started to cry and asked “how are we supposed to then move forward if we keep using terms that bring back that pain?” Um Liz…bring back the pain??? The pain is here all the time. From hair care products, to shows on NBC with no black charaters written as if we don’t exist except as background characters (yes…I know they’ve gotten a bit better), to “No Child Left Behind” programs in urban areas graduating black children without an education. It’s called institutional racism. In my opinion, as a white women, you can’t fully and totally possibly understand a black woman’s point of view on the subject, and no one really expects you to. Sigh…Click here for the whole transcript. In the end, Elizabeth missed the last point Whoopi was making that she needed to acknowledge what Whoopi was saying as her true and honest feelings instead of trying to get her to understand how wrong she feels the n-word is. She just kept talking…you have to listen to learn.

The problem in my eyes…the converstation is not one that can be entered in lightly. It has to be framed in understanding and mutual respect for points of view that will vastly differ. That is difficult…especially on network TV.

Note: Barbara Walters used the opportunity to promote Obama’s candidacy opining “Barack Obama and others…are trying to move forward.” Come on Barb…that’s all you have to say?!?! LOL


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