This site is strictly for entertainment purposes. The content that is published on this site is comprised of some factual information and personal opinions. We make no claims that the content on this site is 100% accurate. All of the images on this site were taken from the Internet public domain, unless otherwise noted, and are used strictly for commentary purposes. All images are the sole property of their respective owners. If you own rights to any of the images on this site and object to them being displayed, please leave a comment below regarding the issue for immediate removal. We reserve the right to reject any comment on any basis.

Note on racist comments: I’m sure that a lot of African American bloggers don’t post many of the racist comments that they get. We do. Why? It serves as a digital, in your face reminder that racism is alive and well. When someone tells you that it’s just a figment of your imagination, you can just point them to one of the racist comments we’ve posted. We try to make sure that there is more being said than just the n-word and some random cussing, so of course we delete about 50% of them.  If we’re going to post that sh** for history to record it might as well be interesting to read. Maybe we’ll compile all the comments one day into a book…”Racist comments: The Challenges faced in the life of black blogger”. Eh…not that title…but you get it.

29 responses to “Disclaimer

  1. Teri Sulmers

    I love your site.

    I just wanted to let you know that your voice is refreshing. I think it truly expresses the frustrations and concerns of the younger, educated black population and I appreciate what you are doing, greatly.

  2. this site here good,it explains all

  3. Love the site (Soul) Sista & KTruth… I’m a Black Man that gets the wit.

    Keep doing it well.


  4. oh it's you

    i loooooooove this blog! you know what i’d love more? a t-shirt made with your masthead. the “hello negro” would be the shit on a tee. and as a negro, i’d wear it with black pride! keep on keepin’ on.

  5. Quick Question, Who thought it was okay to write “Hello, Negro!”, I was appalled at the initial onsite of being greeted on my yahoo.com page with this incendiary bit….Who the hell owns this blog whether is a Racist White Man or A black Uncle Tom it really doesnt matter. How dare you in 2008 even joke with the matter such as that trash, title or content. Not to mention, the coil headed character at the top of the page!!!! Bad Taste, This Blog truly speaks volumes about your character which is definitely to be questioned. If you are black, You need to take a look in the mirror again..Seriously!!!! W.E.B Dubois was a Great Black Man, Dont you ever in your life try to use something he wrote over 100 years ago and make it seems like cool to say “Hello, Negro”!!!! Wooow Ignorance is bliss I hear….

  6. One more for the road: To the Young Man/Lady or whatever you are (oh it’s you
    April 24, 2008 at 9:21 pm
    i loooooooove this blog! you know what i’d love more? a t-shirt made with your masthead. the “hello negro” would be the shit on a tee. and as a negro, i’d wear it with black pride! keep on keepin’ on)

    The Definition of Negro=Ignorance. So Sister/Brother/Idiot you gonna wear ignorant with PRIDE on a T-shirt???? You are a Fool!!! Start Off with the Dictionary NIGGA….Read a book, Read a Book, Read a Muthafuckin Book!!!

  7. Meegan, If you think the definition of Negro is “Ignorance”…you might want to read a book. Negro is a word that holds a lot of pride and a rich history. You really, really need to educate yourself sis.

    I’m going to assume that you are young and uncultured. I am an African American woman and as the owner of this site I must say that it hurts me to know that there are people out there who continue to talk shit and really know nothing of what they speak when it comes to the history of Black people in America.

    You come here and bash this site, but yet you use the N-word in your comments to refer to another black person. Ignorance must be bliss in your case.

  8. Hi Sista, everyone

    No time to read or write lately: too much stuff going on…none of it easy or good either….

    I love this website because it gives me another look at black/Negro/African-American life from a (I think??) younger generation and I always learn something new — or at least find some need to re-think what I thought I already knew.

    I’ve heard some folks define the other ‘n’ word as any uneducated person or ignorant. But that certainly hasn’t been the connotation in my lifetime. Negro as a word does have an entirely different history in most communities. But since there are those who find objections to its use as well as the use of the other ‘n’ (former) word, I (as a white person) don’t use it — unless someone indicates to me they prefer it to black or African American; I know a few who do; I just try to respect people’s own definition of themselves. Being “PC” has never been my strong suit; however I think if language triggers feelings of being disrespected by a person of another race (or any other differences), and I want to build a relationship of whatever kind, I need to respect the language that person (or persons) prefer. Does that make any sense? That really is a question.

    I love the t-shirts … for everyone for whom the connote pride and meaning! I’d buy one but that feels almost like it would be a discount of what this site stands for. If that makes no sense, I need you to tell me. (Besides I surely couldn’t wear it without deservedly getting smacked upside the head…. )

    Love — thanks for what you do here.

  9. In Response to Sista the owner of this site, First and Foremost I understand that this is what you would call Parody or what is suppossed to be funny. (Not LOL) However I am far from uncultured, I used that in that connatation my dear to be sarcastic. U do know what sarcasm is? I understand your view however, The word Negro holds no basis of being rich in history other than the fact that it was used to degrade, dehumanize and demoralize us as a People. If I were young, Damn wouldnt I be something with my extremely large vocabulary!!! LOL However, I have nothing at all to hide..I am 30…If you read over what I wrote to the young lady/young man….which what she said was excerpted in my text..I was responding to what they said about “Hello, Negro” t-shirts. I am not offended however, You are angry because I am giving you my view point. Freedom of speech here; Correct!!!! That is why you have your blog. What I would say to you my dear site owner and anyone can own a site for that matter!!!! I came here to see why Yahoo decided to post that at the top of the page, I did not want to logon and be welcomed by “Hello, Negro,” I was quite offended!!! You have the true mindset of a what they would classify as a Nigger, You are someone who is repressed and definitely uneducated. I dont care what venue or school of thought you attended My Dear SISTA but you need to DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! You sound like you are suffering from illusions of Grandeur….Whoa I am on a roll…I swear!!! LMAO

    Do yourself a Favor and follow the lead of one of your ignorant fans and Read a Book entitled “Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch;” The Science of slave Psychology by Alvin Morrow…Good read and very enlightening which I believe you truly need!!!!

    One Luv,
    Intellect Does a Body Good!!!

  10. Meegan,
    1. I think you have Negro confused with the N-word.

    2. “You have the true mindset of a what they would classify as a Nigger, You are someone who is repressed and definitely uneducated.” Is this how such an educated black woman talks to another? Oh, ok…I’m sorry but I’m not impressed.

    3. If I didn’t believe in free speech I would have deleted your comments (especially this one).

    In the true spirit of Willie Lynch, you have come to this blog to tear a fellow black person down. Congratulations! I’m sure old Willie is proud of you.

    You are entitled to your opinion…but I don’t have to post your comments/responses to me and continue this conversation. I think we’ve both said enough and there are a lot more important things that we can spend our energy on.

  11. Steve "Numnetz" Allsopp

    Barely read a smidge of your site but enough to know I think you are the bomb. I’ve long been a believer that if you’re not black then you are mutant. Anthropology don’t lie. We are all just different varieties of the same genetic makeup in a highly mobile planet with bad juju tribalism built into our mortal machine hardwire. Hey, some folks are even whiter than me! You’re brilliant, keep it up smartypants.


  12. Holy shit. At first I was horrified. I thought for sure you were some fat middle-aged white dude in West Virginia watching reruns of Andy Griffith while surfing the Stormfront website.

    Imagine the laugh I had when I discovered that someone out there has a sense of humor with, as Eddi Izzard would say, “that level of greatness.”

    Love the site. You own face.

  13. 🙂 Thanks for the love Numnetz and Boogra. What is life without comedy and wit.

    Sometimes you laugh so hard you end up crying anyway…sometimes you just want to cry.

  14. Scotty

    Cool site 🙂

  15. Scotty

    Oh yeah, God help us if we have another 4 years of republican leadership.

  16. I was sent to this site by a friend of mine for a great video of someone singing. In looking deeper, I found gems of humanity and brilliance. There is a lot of truth through this one way door called freedom of speech. I just thank the lord I live in a country where folks like us can still have an open discussion. Sista you are brilliant. Nothing intrigues me more than a healthy conversation. I cant pretend to fully understand anyone in this life. I do understand that there is not enough love going around and way too much hate. Sista you are doing the Lords work by getting dialog started and openning discussions like these to the public. Its refreshing to see someone who is not afraid to speak their mind. Hopefully, we can all learn from eachother as brothers and sisters. I want to include this site and its success in my prayers for a better America. I am a 2nd generation white American and unfortunatly have seen first hand that there is still a lot of racism and ignorance in this country and anyone who says different needs to open up their eyes. As a society there is a lot of work that needs to be done. As people, there is a lot of change that needs to take place. Its obvious in this election that there is a great division in this country. I am a musical historian and archivist and am a 2nd generation white american in this country. Unfortunatly, I have seen first hand that there is still a lot of racism and ignorance in this country. Anyone who says different needs to open up their eyes. Hopefully our next president can help break this division some. Thanks for all that you are doing.

  17. Sista – I’m with you on those O P tickets. I might just camp out at the Kennedy Center. Dayum.

    BTW – sight/site up in the Disclaimer thangy. Couldn’t help myself . . . just sharing the love.

  18. Diane, I think the Oprah tickets were gone in like…seconds. LOL

  19. inside

    I am a white female, but I don’t like being white. I don’t identify with my race whatsoever, and I feel like it holds me back. I teach in Southeast D.C and although I try really hard to connect with my students, I feel like they won’t ever trust me because of my race. I’m not like other white people, how do I show this? How do I get my students to trust me? How do I prevent my race from holding me back?

  20. Xoliswa Mthembu

    I am a young black South African woman living in Africa and I’m very touched by your blog sista. Please do not be discouraged by any opinion at any point in time because, we are all different people with different thoughts. Yes racism is still alive in South Africa also but I have to say that people of all colours are trying to get along with each other and it’s becoming better slowly but surely. Keep up your good work and soon everyone will realise that discrimination is pure stupidity cause we’re all gods creation and when we die we all end up in the same place ….six feet under.

  21. Lisa O

    “This sight is strictly for entertainment purposes. The content that is published on this sight is comprised of …”

    You have misspelled site. It’s website, not websight.

    So, it should read “This site is strictly for entertainment purposes. The content that is published on this site is comprised of…”


    Also, you are brave!


    Lisa O

  22. Dag…our bad. Thanks for letting us know.

  23. Isome

    Love the site, but wondering why none of my comments ever show up.

  24. sista

    This blog loves you back.

    Due to random racists, we moderate comments based on words and phrases. So, your comments will show up…just after they are reviewed.

  25. Baby Power Dyke

    You had me at, “Disclaimer.”

  26. Pingback: Whole lot of lovin’. « Journal of a Power Dyke in Training

  27. I just discovered your blog while surfing the net. I love the way you keep it real!

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