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Stephen Colbert Vs. Kanye West: So it begins

“You’re Not The Voice Of A Generation. With All That Auto-Tuning, You’re Not Even The Voice Of Your Own Album”

[I can’t get this to embed so here is the link]

Umm…Wow! That electronic voice crack…that had to hurt. I have to agree the FreeCreditReport.com guys really do say alot about this generation. My question though…are Kanye and Stephen in the same generation?? Are they talking about the same generation? I’m not too sure of that.

I didn’t know they had beef.  Interesting.

CNET is reporting – Will Colbert’s ‘Operation Humble Kanye’ work?

If you caught his show on Monday or Tuesday you know he is asking for the Colbert Nation to go on iTunes today at exactly 5 p.m. EST to purchase his album, A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All. Currently, Kanye West has the No. 1 album on iTunes and Colbert is peeved. (His is No. 15.) Thus, he wants us all, at one moment, to collectively catapult his album to the top. It’s not to help Colbert, he insists, but to humble Kanye.

He said, “I want boots on the ground, and do your Twitter blogging to each other and get it all together–whatever you kids do. It’s important.”


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R. Kelly back on tour: When will this Negro go to trial?

I just don’t see how R. Kelly is still going strong, touring and such. Do we customarily let possible child molesters roam free like this. When they are caught with video, photos, or computer records…I thought they went to jail. I thought they were given speedy trials…I mean put on trail at least within the year, or a good year and a half. Dayum!! The singer won’t be heading to trial until May on 14 charges of child pornography. 14!!! What is going on! He was indicted almost five years ago. Maybe if they had caught this Negro on Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator” in front of television cameras, he would have faced trail by now. Oh wait, did I mention he’s up for 2 Grammies? Uh, yep!

What has Kelly on the road so early in 2008 is a new album called Double Up. The 40 year (oops, no 41…Today is his birthday!) old crooner has got to make that money before he faces lock up…hell I can understand that. The brother has kids…a wife. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, I guess.

Here’s a review of the tour…the writer is not impressed with his opening act Keyshia “Lil Mary J” Cole. He makes note her awkward dancing.

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