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The Obama Shirt Spike Lee Was Wearing at the DNC on MSNBC Last Night: Obama Dunking on McCain

spike lee wearing obama dunk shirt

spike lee wearing obama dunk shirt

I love this shirt!!! (If you’re in Denver, you can get the shirt at THE 400) Obama for 2…no Obama for it all. He shoots he scores. In your FACE, McCAIN!!! Slam Dunk!! I’ts called the O-Face T-Shirt and I’m buying one online TODAY. Spike so looked like the black radical we love wearing that shirt. He said he bought the tee in Denver and had to walk 5 miles to get it once he saw it. Now that Spike Lee has worn this UNDRCRWN shirt it on national TV, it’s going to be sported all over (and most likely bootlegged and copied).

Here’s the video of Spike Lee on MSNBC

From hypebeast.com: “UNDRCRWN are the latest to pay homage as the basketball inspired label takes an unforgettable moment in basketball history and makes it distinctly Obama. Teaming up with Karmaloop and Denver retailer The 400, this t-shirt will be presented at this year’s Democratic National Convention in Denver. The inspiration if not immediately evident is based on Vince Carter’s spectacular Dunk over 7 foot something Frenchman Weiss back in 2000. The t-shirt’s sale will benefit local charities looking to improve inner city youth participation in sports.”


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Black Magic in the NBA

Sunday at 9 p.m. ET, ESPN will air Black Magic, the first of a two-part, four-hour film that chronicles the African-American influence on the game. Or more precisely, according to the film’s director, Dan Klores, “tells the story of the injustice that defined the civil rights movement told through the lives of basketball players and coaches from historical black colleges and universities.”

Narrated by actor Samuel L. Jackson, the film’s story lines revolve around some of the game’s biggest contributors – John McClendon, Clarence “Big House” Gaines, Cleo Hill, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, former Temple Coach John Chaney, Bob “Butterbean” Love and Earl Lloyd.

Visit NBA.com for more information.

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Dave and Prince: Shirts vs. Blouses

luda prince and chappelle
Thanks to wowee –  L-R Rapper Ludacris, musician Prince and comedian Dave Chappelle watch the 2007 NBA All Star Game on February 18, 2007 at Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

This photo is from last year, and I missed it. I don’t know how. I love the Chappelle Show…especially Charlie Murphy’s stories. To see Dave and Prince in a photo at a basketball game…all I have to say is…Shirts vs. Blouses!!!! LOL! Priceless!

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UW’s Bo Ryan cranks dat Soulja Boy

This dance is reaching epidemic proportions.  This is UW Men’s head basketball coach, Bo Ryan, doing the Soulja Boy Dance.  Oh Wisconsin…who would have thought.

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