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Black People and Weight Loss: Vicious Cycle

By Makeisha Lee, Health and Nutritional Advisor

Columbus, OH (BlackNews.com) – Blacks are officially considered to be an endangered species due to obesity and terrifying related illness. Diets, surgeries, pills, exercise motions and potions; though easily and readily available have done little-to-nothing to help people lose weight long-term. If those options don’t completely suit your fancy, then you have high powered initiatives to get people moving into action; like the Bally’s fitness Challenge, Shaq’s Challenge, BET healthy challenge, and of course the 50 Million Pound Challenge. All of these are attempting to provide a solution to the Obesity plague for our community.

Even with all of these mechanisms in place, the 50 million pound question that lies before us is: Why is it that we as “Blacks” are STILL some of the most obese people on the planet?

Previously, whites were the poster children for dieting to lose weight; however we have been doing our fair share too in the recent years, with no dent in this trend of disproportionate obesity, coupled with chronic illness.

The facts are the facts! Prevalence of obesity among blacks has increased 35 percent in the past 10 years alone. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), we lead in the highest percentages in both sexes and even amongst children, as compared to other ethnicities when it comes to the contemptible “beast of burden”- obesity. So what is REALLY going on? Continue reading

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Watch this: Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War

I was just browsing online and I found this video, Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War. It’s a trailer for the documentary filmed by the History Channel. It really made me think about how the violence of the reconstruction era is not really discussed in detail. I don’t remember a lot of time being spent on in at HU. It’s just kind of a given that the times were horrible for black people…lynchings, sharecropping, jim crow, southern chain gangs, KKK…etc. It was a very very violent era where black people’s civil rights and their right to live in peace was just as compromised as it was during slavery. Although slavery was legally over…the mindsets and practices of controlling Negroes were in FULL EFFECT!!!

I’m definately trying to Buy this video…it’s for sale on AMAZON.com.  Plot Synopsis: Despite common belief, the Civil War does not end in 1865, and the blood of many Americans, mostly blacks, continues to flow freely. It is a period known as “Reconstruction,” a time many consider to be the darkest in American History. America is supposed to be reuniting, healing its wounds, and moving past civil discord. But by examining what is really going on in the post-Civil War South, one can see snapshots of a larger, more menacing picture, a picture shadowed by murder, terrorism, and chaos as “free” black men and women remain enslaved by a South that does not completely surrender. Insurgencies led by disgruntled ex-Confederate soldiers rip through nearly every southern state. America’s first terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan is formed in Tennessee and uses scare tactics and murder to keep blacks down.


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