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Irony: McCain’s Congratulates Obama on the Anniversary of MLK’s speech

Um…I think this from TV ad John McCain is great (video below).  It will run tonight before and after Obama’s historic speech at the DNC.  It’s good that McCain recognizes the significance of this day, but McCain voted against the MLK holiday in Arizona in 1983!  Right?!?!  Yes!!!  That is so ironic!  Do you really understand the significance of this day when you had an issue with giving the most significant man in this equation his own day?!?!?  Oh yes, he’s changed his mind now…sure, sure, he understands he was wrong.  OK, but it’s still ironic.  Don’t you think?

Spin Cycle has the details – “McCain will attempt to be make nice before he performs the widely speculated act of naming his vice president running mate some time Friday to counteract any boost in the polls for Obama.”


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Where am I at? With Mickey Avalon, of course

If you are like me, you said “Who the hell is that??” when you saw the new Boost Mobile Television ads featuring Young Jeezy and Jermaine Dupri. The “David Bowie Pretty” white “guy” is Mickey Avalon. Did this match up strike anyone else as WEIRD? I mean…

jezzy dupri avalon
photo: prohiphop.com

I just hear Sesame Street”of these boys is doing his own thing”…you know the rest of the song.

Who is this pretty guy? He’s a Rock Star and in his lyrics he talks about robbing gay tricks, but I could be reading it wrong. Are Dupri and Jeezy embracing the rainbow? Hey, it’s a hell of a market…lots of dollars in that demographic, so I’m not mad. I assume it has nothing to do with that and some marketing people and Mickey’s label, Interscope, thought that putting these guys together would be Cool. Oh I don’t agree, wholeheartedly I don’t.

Avalon is talented though. His “My Dick” song is a beast! “My dick cost a late night fee,/ Your dick got the HIV./ My dick plays on the double feature screen,/ Your dick went straight to DVD.” LOL


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The craziest commercial on TV right now

I would bet money that the person who came up with the concept for this commercial was a man.

Women don’t “pee on” random things! What other electronics do women pee on? Of course this is the most advanced…unless you get mad at your man and…I don’t know…pee on his PS3 or something. Dayum…LOL.


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Biz Markie, say it ain’t so.

Is this where hip hop artists go to die?  I know he’s got to make his money, so I won’t hate.  I love that song…that is one of my all time favorites.

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