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Yes We Can vs Yes She Will

It’s finally over, I think… Barack Obama has clinched the democratic nomination for President of The United States of America. It’s a historic moment, almost unbelievable for some who were holding their breath for the seemingly inevitable to be “stolen” away. As I watched the speeches from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I couldn’t help but notice an underlying theme in both speeches. In Hillary’s speech, the emphasis was on her, with her supporters chanting “Yes She Can” (among other things). Others reported that this was her night and she needed to wind down her campaign in her own way. I didn’t think she would concede, but at least use the opportunity to make her pitch to unequivocally unite the democratic party. Instead, she seemed to again build her case about why she should be President. I thought her speech was great on a lot of levels and I respect her perseverance in the whole thing. I do not, however, respect the missed opportunity to achieve a greater goal. She allowed a huge opportunity to focus on the future of the party to get away and encourage her supporters to tell her what to do next, via her website. Come on now, like she really expects them to tell her to concede.

In contrast, Barack’s speech was full of expressed respect for Hillary and all the other democratic candidates. He spoke in great length about Hillary and Bill and their collective contributions to America. His fans were cheering, “Yes We Can”. He barely said anything about himself. He didn’t even acknowledge being the first African-American candidate to lead any major party in a presidential election. He stressed how we are Americans first and how that supersedes race, gender, Republicans and Democrats. (Damn, he’s inspiring…) His speech was so unifying that it magnified just how divisive Hillary’s was.

If Hillary’s speech was an effort to force Barack’s hand into making her Vice-President, she has no idea of how to ask nicely. If she really wanted to be Vice-President, (assuming she’s not going to campaign until Denver for the presidency) she should have been beyond gracious in her speech toward Barack and spoke in ways that respect his victory and the importance of pulling the party together. I think it’s called humility. Unfortunately, humility takes all the attention away from her. Sad…



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