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Dr. Gates donates his handcuffs to the Smithsonian

None of the black people I know have ever been given their handcuffs as a “You got arrested” souvenir.  Apparently Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. received more than a beer at the White House after his traumatic arrest…on his front porch.   He’s donated the handcuffs used on him to the Smithsonian Institution’s black history museum.  This makes me wonder…what other items will be on display with these handcuffs?

  • One of the night sticks used on Rodney King
  • Handcuffs used on famous African Americans (MLK, Tupac, Diana Ross, etc)
  • A replica of a Montgomery, Alabama jail cell from the Civil Rights era
  • That horrible neck brace will the bells on it that you sometimes see in illustrations found in books on slavery.

What would happen if black males all over the nation requested that they be given their former chains and handcuffs so that they could be donated to the Smithsonian as a testament  to the record incarceration rates of black men in America.  Surely, 50 years…100 years from our children would marvel at the shear size of the collection of metal bonds.  Would they be amazed and say, “There’s no way that so many people of one race could have been accused of/guilty of that much crime!”.  Or perhaps they will just shake their heads and say, “Nothing has changed.”.


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Planned Parenthood Racism Investigation

This has to be one of the most disgusting, horrible thing I’ve seen. I’m so so so so so glad that someone exposed these racist @ssholes. Planned Parenthood of both New Mexico and Oklahoma accepts money from a racist donor to target African Americans for abortions because “there are way too many blacks in America”. Please pass it on!!! We pass around crazy stuff via email…pass this video around to all your friends…especially parents, teenaged girls and young women!!!

Click here for part one of this video (Idaho and Ohio calls).  These are not secretaries or administrative staff talking on the phone with this guy. He’s talking to a Director of Grants and a Vice President of Development who were more than happy to tell him that his money would go towards the destruction of another black baby!! That just sick, but I’m not surprised. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger was a believer in eugenics and many have called her a racist who believed blacks were inferior.

Even Rush Limbaugh has spoken on it, and for once he makes a good point. Continue reading


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