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Will there be drama?: Obama on The O’Reilly Factor tonight

Weigh in: Will some drama go down tonight on The O’Reilly Factor when Bill welcomes Barack Obama to the show, or will it be a civil exchange? Will the truce stand or will Bill try to treat Obama like Ludacris?

What do you think?

Whatever happens, I think it may be enough to take the spotlight away from Sarah Palin for a day…or two.


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Hate Mail

Someone named “theresa” left this comment on the “Black Folks Fighting Outside the Church” post.

“Who the hell sponsors this website. It seems like every subject on here is racist as hell. What’s up with all the racist words and referring to black people as monkey’s and negroes?????? If you ask me this is a shitty ass website.”

I don’t know who “theresa” is…but I do know one thing. She didn’t take the time to look at the posts on this blog and see the true intent. Now I could “dig all in her ass” and talk about how she most likely can’t read…but that wouldn’t be nice, or correct. I’m not here for that.

I am a proud African American woman living in the DC area and I’m doing this blog as a labor of love. I’m not afraid of the ugliness that is racism. I choose to expose it, to air it out. If you have an issue with racism in your face…you won’t like this blog. If you have an issue with the word NEGRO…that is your issue. Colored, black, negro, african american…these words mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To me Negro is not a negative word, it’s an historic word with lots of positive and negative connotations.

These words are just words, and what I present here in this blog is just words. If you are offended…good. If you are amused…good. If you don’t understand…good, but ask some questions…seek out the truth so you do gain perspective on these issues. I’m just here to present information and shine some light. I hope the rest of you (some 12,000 per day) are getting something good out of reading what I’m posting.

I think the song “Read a Book” from DC’s own D’Mite is a great way to end this post.


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