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Yet Another Republican finds digital racism funny: Frago in CA

The content of the emails that Republican Gary Frago was passing around are the most racist so far that have been noted by major media outlets.  The Republicans just need to learn that you don’t forward racist emails, and you don’t respond to or post racist comments on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s that simple.  Nothing is private anymore.  Note to the party: You don’t need anymore help looking insensitive.  You’re party’s participation in the Sotomayor hearings was quite enough, at least for this week.

Here is the scoop from Wonkette (Who’s liberal use of the n-word at one point gave me pause.  Just because you’re talking about someone else using the word doesn’t mean you should.  I’m talking about: “Niggers are just a naturally funny subject, to everyone.” Um…really?)

The latest batch of foul, blatant racism comes from “City Councilman Gary Frago,” in some place near Merced, California. And he’s not sorry, either! “I’m not the only one that does it,” Frago told the Merced Sun-Star. Yeah, we’ve noticed.

All in all, the Sun-Star obtained seven e-mails that Frago sent from October 2008 to February 2009 from an anonymous source.

Some compared Obama to O.J. Simpson while others suggested that “nigger rigs” should now be called “presidential solutions.”

Perhaps the most overboard e-mail was sent on Jan. 15. It read: “Breaking News Playboy just offered Sarah Palin $1 million to pose nude in the January issue. Michelle Obama got the same offer from National Geographic.”

The newspaper tracked down the person who sent the emails to Continue reading


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Racist Minutemen emails exposed

An immigrant rights organization released this week alarming internal e-mails circulated among members of the San Diego Minutemen, considered one of the most aggressive, anti-illegal immigrant groups in the United States.

Although this group publicly maintains that it is not racist and opposes only illegal immigration, the candid communications among its members frequently describe immigrants as “cockroaches” and “Third-World animals,” among other pejorative terms.

One e-mail from June 2007 says group members would “need a portable battery operated freezer…for store of filets, hams and ribs of well-marbled border crossers ” during an outing to stop illegal border crossers.

The release of the e-mails comes at a time when protests carried out by The Minutemen and their sympathizers have started to pick up, ending a lull after the October wildfires.

The California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation is an organization that monitors the actions of The Minutemen and off-shoot groups. Its director, Claudia Smith, said she obtained the e-mails from a person on The Minutemen distribution list.  She called their content “classic racist language.”

“Don’t ‘trespass’ into the parking lot proper , even though the degrados (sic) are permitted to swarm there like human cockroaches,” reads an e-mail by Mike Spencer, a cofounder of The Minutemen, to other group members apparently preparing for a protest on June 9, 2007.  He did not return phone calls.

The messages date from June 2006 to March of this year and can be read on the foundation’s website, at minutemenuncensored.com. [Full Article at New America Media]

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WTF: Fake Myspace relationship leads to suicide

Dayum…Note to black parents: Monitor your children’s pages on Myspace, Bebo, etc.  I saw this girls parents on the Today Show yesterday…and they did monitor her at home.  However, we all know your children can access the web at school, at a friends home, the library, and on their cell phones.   I think this is a dayum shame…just unheard of.
MISSOURI — 13-year-old Megan Meier of Dardenne Prairie hanged herself after a person she chatted with on MySpace abruptly ended their friendship and sent her mean messages.

But it turns out the 16-year-old boy Megan thought she was speaking with, was, in fact, the mother of a former friend who lived just down the street.

After the negative emails, Megan fell into a depression and killed herself.

Megan’s parents are speaking out to try and protect other vulnerable children from cyber-bullies . No charges have been filed against the former friend’s mother, but Megan’s parents hold her responsible for their daughter’s death.

Source: KHQA.com  

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Merrill Lynch sues to stop racist emails

Merrill Lynch & Co. says some of its black employees and the Rev. Al Sharpton have been subjected to racist emails sent by someone posing as one of the company’s managers.

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan yesterday, the world’s largest brokerage is suing a man known only as “John Doe.” It said it suspected he lives in the Midwest.

The emails started showing up in September in the email accounts of various black investment brokers, the lawsuit said.

The company said the emails have been created using Microsoft Corp.’s “Hotmail” email service and purports to be from a Merrill Lynch regional administrative manager. Merrill Lynch will seek a court order to obtain information about the email account.

Sharpton said he would seek to join the action.

The lawsuit seeks to stop the emails and unspecified damages.

Source: The Star 

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