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“Black” is in fashion at Vogue in July

Black is really “the new BLACK”…but we already knew that. I guess Vogue magazine knows too.

Allegations of racism and discrimination in the fickle fashion world have surfaced after Franca Sozzani, editor of the global style bible Vogue Italia, confirmed rumours that July’s issue would be back-to-back black.

Using only black models, next month’s issue will run articles tailored for black women interested in the arts and entertainment.

American Vogue is following a similar path, using its July issue to ask why it is that there is a dearth of black models on catwalks and in magazines.

It’s nothing new. Like the fashion styles spruiked in magazines and on catwalks, the race debate is cyclical.

The first time a black model sashayed down the catwalk was in 1964, put there by designer Paco Rabanne. It was scandalous. Rabanne reported afterwards that American fashion journalists went backstage and almost spat in his face. “They said haute couture is reserved for white women and not those girls over there,” he said.

More than four decades later, the flamboyant designer Vivienne Westwood cried whitewash after a magazine editor refused to use a black model on the cover because “sales would halve”. Westwood, fuming, demanded a quota system to force magazines to feature more black and Asian models. If America can consider a black president, could the fashion world be about to finally get black beauty? Unlikely, according to The New York Times’ Cathy Horyn, who argues racism in fashion exists because tokenism persists.

The famed Los Angeles-based photographer Steven Meisel, who shot the images for Vogue Italia’s 170-page July issue, agrees black models are conspicuous by their presence. Best known as the man behind the camera for Madonna’s 1992 book, Sex, Meisel is a long-time critic of the fashion industry’s narrow view of the world, going as far as to label it discriminatory. [full article – theage.com]


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Help for African American Teens embracing 80s fashion

They will be ok, as long as they stay away from biking shorts. Lord please!

The post I did on black youth and 80s fashion has been very popular. The comments are interesting to say the least. Well, there is nothing like BAD RETRO. You know, when people think they are representing a period in history, but just look like a modern interpretation. If you are going to do 80s, you need to know 80s, youngin (DC slang…sorry). Inthe80s.com actually has a great database of clothing styles that could serve as a guide for all you wanna be preppies and jocks.

Here are some 80s fashion staples…

  • Wearing a sweater tied around your neck – ” Often worn over an Izod button down oxford, over an Izod polo shirt with the collar turned up”
  • Satin Jackets – Shiny jackets that buttoned down the front. Collar and wristbands always had two stripes
  • WigWams/Slouch Socks Baggy socks worn by females, worn layered in various colors
  • Adidas – White, always high-tops. Shell toed Adidas were popular with the hip hop community (See Run DMC)
  • Hair Bows – “A headband with a big bow on it worn to the side like Madonna in the Material Girl video. Girls usually made their hair big and frizzy to cover up the strap so that only the bow would stick out.”
  • Asymmetrical Haircuts – (See “Mushroom cut” and Salt n’ Peppa, Push it Era)
  • Name Earrings – Big earrings worn with your name or boyfriends name in them. (See Door Knockers)

What 80s fashions do you love???


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They’re bringin 80’s back…these young negroes don’t know how to act

Why, why, why are young African Americans wearing 80’s hip hop fashions? I’m seeing this look all over Washington, DC. Bright colors, throwback hip hop t-shirts from Urban Outfitters…what’s next Jams and Short sets? It wasn’t that cute back in 1984. Gold chains (thick rope chains), plaid pants, ill fitting Adidas track suits (i.e. tight like LL Cool J back in the day…he looked good though), asymmetrical hair (men and women…looking like Kwame)…what is all of this. I happened upon the Jeantrix Myspace profile and was like DAYUM…they bringin 80s back, yeah! I’m not going to be buying into this trend. Maybe some retro pumas or old school Adidas joints…but no Yay. No puffy paint, frosted jeans, or huge mega bamboo earrings…NO Yes, yes, yes.

Sorry, I changed my mind…80s fever got me. I just went back to the jeantrix myspace…that sh** is so FRESH! LOL LOL Oh I want one of the hoodies.

80s kids

80s 80s retro

Update: Click here for the follow up article – 80s fashion essentials


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