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So many nooses, so little time


A noose is found in the Hempstead Police Department locker room.

SUNDAY, OCT. 7 In Richmond Hill, a woman is arrested after police say she hung a noose from a tree in her backyard

TUESDAY, OCT. 9 A noose is found hanging from the office door of a Columbia University professor.

THURSDAY, OCT. 11 A noose is found dangling outside a post office near Ground Zero in Manhattan.

Newsday (click here for article) – “Word that two nooses had been found in a Hempstead Town garage came down hard in the mainly minority community of Roosevelt yesterday.

Town Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby said it reminded her of a distant relative lynched in Georgia.

Val Tripp, 64, said it brought back the fear she lived with growing up in Evergreen, Ala.

And Darren Bryant, the first to report the nooses dangling from the back of a yellow forklift – one with a tarred stuffed animal hanging from the end – said it didn’t register as a mere prank.

The Roosevelt incident comes after the Sept. 28 discovery of a noose in the basement locker room of the Village of Hempstead Police Department. Residents were stunned when it was reported that the noose was directed at Deputy Chief Willie Dixon, who is black. The U.S. Department of Justice and Nassau County are investigating.

The discovery marks the fifth incident in less than a month that a noose has been displayed in public in the area.

A noose was found hanging on the office door of a black professor at Columbia University Oct. 9, and another was found outside a post office near Ground Zero later last week.

And on Oct. 7, a white Richmond Hill teen was charged with aggravated harassment for allegedly taunting a black neighbor with a noose.

In a statement, acting U.S. Attorney General Peter Keisler called the acts shameful and said the Department of Justice and the FBI, in cooperation with state and local authorities, are investigating.

The seeming prevalence of nooses in the wake of those found in Jena, La., last year and the protests that followed have prompted some to speculate that the more recent discoveries are “copycat” incidents.

Even so, the racially charged image remains disturbing.”


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