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Obama Monkey T-Shirts…

Now this is just wrong…or maybe just the beginning. Americans have been pretty civilized in accepting/dealing with the black democratic front-runner so far. I guess it’s about time for it to get real. Real what, you tell me…

I know, I know…he said “deplicted”.





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NAACP protests the light sentences of the Barbie Bandits

Do you remember the scene in “Malcolm X” where Denzel and Spike were in court with the 2 white women they were dating and got hella years compared the light sentencing of their co-criminals?  Denzel’s lines went something like this…

The average first offender gets two years for burglary.

We were all first offenders.
That’s what the girls drew.

Two years in the women’s reformatory.

Our crime wasn’t burglary.

It was sleeping with white girls.
They threw the book at us.

For some reason this the sentencing of the Barbie Bandits made me think of that scene.  You know the reason, and obviously the NAACP feels my pain.  The head of the Georgia NAACP called for the state to investigate the sentences given in the so-called “Barbie bandits” bank theft case, saying the two white defendants got less prison time than two black men.  Continue reading

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Noose: Why bring Tupac into this mess?

An African-American man has been charged with the noose vandalism of a Tupac statue at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts.  On October 20th, fliers bearing rants about various rappers, Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 were plastered to the Tupac statue and a noose was left hanging around its neck.

What is that about?  Why would you do something like that? 

They are charging the Deklab brother with a hate crime, and I’m cool with that.  He suffers from self hate and hate toward his culture.  He also suffers from stupidity.

Source: SOHH.com

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