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Happy “I’ze Married Now!” Day to All My Black DC Gays and Lesbians

I’m straight, but i’m no hater.  I want to give a congratulations shout out to all of the gay and lesbian folks in Washington, DC who can now get married.  The Washington Post reports that couples lined up beginning at 6 a.m. at the D.C. district courthouse, vying to be among the first same-sex couples to apply for marriage licenses.  Good for them. Whether it’s mixed race couples, couples from different sides of the tracks, or people who get married and everyone knows they shouldn’t…we all deserve to choose who we walk down the isle with.

When we start picking and chosing who gets what rights and who deserves what freedoms, we get onto a slippery slope.  There was a time when African Americans were not free to live where they wanted to live, marry who they loved, or just go have a burger at the local diner just because of the social norms and stereotypes that helped shape American law.  Discrimination was  the law.  Treating one group as lesser than another was the law.  I’m so glad to say that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation when it comes to marriage is no longer the law here in the District.

PS: You better make sure that marriage comes with same-sex divorce too.  I’m just saying.  LOL

Photo: Michael K. Cole & Jamil Smith Cole. The two jumped over the broom Atlanta Georgia in 2009.

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I Love New York 2: “Punk” you’re better off without her

I know I’m not supposed to be watching mess like I Love New York 2…but it sucked me in!!  That show is a train wreck.

About last night’s show…I know Sis. Patterson wanted a Havard Law Grad son-in-law…she was clinging to David Otunga aka “Punk” at the end of the show.  However, it was just not meant to be.  He is too nice.  His family was definately not feeling her.  Really, can you be a partner in a big firm and have Ms. Tiffany in her 2 inches below the “cha cha” dresses coming to the company holiday party?  Really???  It’s too cold in Chitown where he lives to be dressing all half naked anyway…the HAWK will cut you down in the winter.  LOL LOL LOL

I’m sure that Mr. Otunga will find love if that’s what he really wants.  Given the success of the show and that body (Goodness, that man is SWOLE!!!) I’m sure he’ll have many options to chose from in his search.

That show is a horrible example of black people playing games with each other when it comes to love.  Watching Tiffany and Buddha (aka Ezra Masters) is like reading some horrible urban romance novel.  “I hate you!!” “I love you!!”  Shut up NY…you know that man is fine as hell and you want to ride him like Amtrak!  LOL  The whole series, both New York’s show and Flava Flav’s show are horrible examples…period…when it comes to black love.  Sigh…thank God it’s all acting anyway.  LOL


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