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Annie don’t wear no panties: Erykah Badu Video

The BEST Erykah Badu song I’ve heard from her new stuff.  I was in love with “The Healer”, but now…it’s all about Annie.  Hil-lar-e-ous!!!!  I love the lyrics to this song.  Love, love, love!!!



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Contribute to StuffBlackPeopleLike.com

Message from Sista…

Hey, StuffBlackPeopleLike.com aka StuffBlackPeopleLove.com is looking for contributors.  How do I know?  It’s our newest blog.  LOL  Yes, Hello, Negro’s newest venture is trying not to let the site turn into another “Hot Ghetto Mess” and at the same time foster some discussion about Black popular culture.    The whole stuff(fill in the blank)peoplelike think is trendy right now, but we we want to create something lasting, so that means diverse content.   I thought about it…give it a good 200 posts and you would be hard pressed to find something new to say Black people like that is acutally authentic and genuine.  We don’t just want posts about stuff Black people like, we also want you to write about what black culture is (and what it’s not). Who better to do that than a whole lot of different black folk from different backgrounds.  We’re just starting out so there isn’t much content, but take a look.

If you have a blog and would like to be a regular contributor send a link to your site for review.  If you would just like to submit a post, send it and we’ll review it.  Email: contact@stuffblackpeoplelove.com.  We will eventually convert this blog into a community blog.


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Hello Negro Shirts

Back By Popular Demand – Hello Negro Shirts

Baby T’s, Fitted T’s, Regular T’s, Tank tops…even baby onesies.

Also, check out shirts from Nappy University! Everybody Loves A Black Girl!

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Happy Black Love Day!!!

Oops, that was yesterday. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Here are some black love links…

A Love No Less: Two Centuries of African American Love Letters by Pamela Newkirk.


Black Love Day – Feb 13th

Rundu – Black Male Calendars

Zane’s Eroticanoir.com

Black People Love Us!

Stuff Black People Love

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Awww, The Obamas


Love, picture perfect.  Barack loves Michelle.  Michelle loves Barack.  Can’t you just see it carved in a tree with a heart around it.  I love Black Love, yall!!

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Juanita Bynum’s ex-husband has a new TELL ALL Book

Oh Lord, it was bound to happen. Bishop Thomas Weeks III (You can hear the interview he had recently with Tom Joyner on his site) has written a tell all book, What Love Taught Me – View the chapter list, sample info, and details at whatlovetaughtme.com. I smell a best seller…hey, Tyler Perry should by the movie rights NOW!! Today. Is it just me or did he write that book really really quick?

Can someone say…”The white usher gloves are off!“?? It’s on!

what love taught me
The site says that the book, “Uncovers the truth about the internet media driven controversy that has created the most talked about “dual religious and secular” public display in this modern day era of the worldwideweb community.” Ummm….Negro, Please…get over yourself. Continue reading


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Hello, Negro! Are black women doomed to be single?

As a 30 something black woman living in Chocolate City I’ve come to an interesting conclusion regarding love and dating with regard to the African American community as it currently stands.

Black Men have lots of viable, desireable options when it comes to marriage and love.  Black Women don’t, and may have to come to grips with the fact that many of them who want marriage will never find it.

Now, I come to this conclusion not from a scientific study or quantitative measure…this is just opinion.  However, I’d like to know…Is it just me or does the dating scene seem a little bleek for African American women let’s say….30-45 years of age???  You tell me?  Sistas, are you meeting good men, men that you think would make good husbands and fathers?  Brothers, are black women superficial and trying to find mates that don’t exist?  Does anyone out there in the dating world actually know what they want…are they realistic in their desires?


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