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You Can Check “Negro” on This Year’s Census. Yippee!

NPR is reporting that the US Census has slipped up and put “Negro” on the 2010 form.  You guys know that I have a special place in my heart for this word (see the title of this blog).  They claim they added it because some older African-Americans wrote it on the form in previous years.  Really?  I need to call Mother Dear and tell her not to do that.  It’s 2010.  I wonder if they actually considered adding in “colored” as well.

Census Bureau, do you really have to think about these things?  Really!?!?  DC is a few min away from their Suitland MD offices.  I might need to send a letter or something.

I’m not surprised.  I think someone may have been lashing out in a form of anti-Obama style protest.  It reminds me of when that artist put a penis in the art work of the Little Mermaid VHS cover.  Here’s the sccop from NPR.Org


Photo: From the 2010 questionaire. (Census.gov)

By Mark Memmott, NPR.org

The Census Bureau says it has included “Negro” as a way for individuals to classify their race in the 2010 Census because some older African-Americans wrote it on their forms in 2000.

But many African-Americans find it insulting.

— “It’s almost like a slap in the face,” Nikyle Fitzgerald tells WTOL in Toledo.

— “I am a little offended,” Dawud Ingram says to WCBS-TV.

— “It’s a bad vibe word,” Kevin Bishop says in the New York Daily News.

We’ve asked Census for some historical background on when the word has been used in the past. We’ll update with that information.


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Why is this blog called “Hello, Negro”?

From time to time I get angry comments about the name of this blog.  Most of it stems from the use of “negro” in the title.  I wonder if other blogs such as Field Negro encounter the scathing hate that has at times been directed at this site from people who are uncomfortable with our usage of the term (and likely haven’t read the postings on the site).  There a LOT of blogs that have “negro” as part of the name.  Google “blog” and “negro” and you’ll see.

I writing this post, I actually googled “blog” and “nigger”.  OH my!  I can just imagine the comments those blogs must get.  Especially one named (and I’m not kidding) “Look At This Nigger“.  Wow, that sounds like something you would hear over and over at a hood barbershop during a basketball game…but I digress.  Mighty bold!  

There are 2 main reasons I chose the name “Hello, Negro”.  Well, 2 and a possible…as they say in spades.

The Possible:  It sounds like “Hello Kitty”.  Familiarity breeds contempt, huh?  However, it’s meant to be a greeting.  I.E Hello, Bob.  See…there is a comma there people.  Most people over look that.  Thus, you could say that I’m calling everyone who visits this blog a negro.  Some may love that, some may have a serious problem with that. 

Reason 1: It’s controversial.  Blogs thrive on drama (Why do you think gossip blogs are so popular?).  Drama breeds conversation.  I knew some people were going to have a problem with the name when I chose it.  If you bought into the drama, thank you for validating what I already know about sensitivity to racial issues in America.  I get that.  You don’t have to write me an 8 paragraph comment trying to enlighten me.  Really, I get that the word is hated by many black folk.  BUT,  it’s not the n-word…not even close.  Let’s not forget my “African-Americans”, there was a time in America when we were damn proud to be Negroes.  Many African American leaders, such as MARTIN LUTHER KING referred to themselves as what…Negro.  As the kids say…Haters, Get off me!!

Reason 2:  This blog is dedicated to giving you small, digestible wake up calls.  This is expressed by the “hello” part of the name.  Hello…there is still racism in America.  Hello…here is a bit of news for you to consider.  Hello there!  What do you think about this or that subject.   You get what I’m saying?  Hello?  🙂

So, that is about as good as I can explain it…at midnight on a friday.  LOL.  It just amazes me how people just look on the surface sometimes and don’t consider how face value can be deceiving.  Read the blog before you judge it.  And if you don’t like it, that is Ok too.  Freedom of expression is the right of all.


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Debate This: Is Negro a “bad” word?

Here’s a comment we  received yesterday:

62 years old; grandma; white…

Something has me troubled. This seems like the perfect place to collect some input on it:

In a conversation with my daughter and son-in-law the other day I used the word “negro.” They were aghast and horrified. I was not being disrespectful and, frankly, I have long found the word to be rather elegant.

I’d like an African-American’s point-of-view on that.



Well, African-Americans…What do you think?  Is “negro” a bad word?  Should this 62 year old grandmother refrain from using it.

I will say, for her generation Negro was far more dignified than Ni**er.  Now if she’d referred to black folk as “Colored”…then I could understand her daughter and son-in-law’s  reaction.  In her prime years, the term “African-American” didn’t even exist and being “Black” was new.  My dad said,  When he was a kid some people would get made if you called them “Black” (as in “Blackey” or “You ole black so-in-so!”).

Over the last few years of doing this blog we’ve received several comments from people who feel that the name of this blog is offensive.  Someone even wrote that Negro was equal to the other N-word.  “Negro” is used everyday in Spanish speaking countries.  Caucasian would be the white equivalent…no one is calling for a ban on that.  We don’t see any thing wrong with the word, however we would suggest that when referring to African-Americans one use “African-American” or “Black”.   Very PC.


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Our New Fav Blog: Secret Council of American Negroes

Great, well written, witty content. We love it, however we love every blog with “Negro” in the title. We really hope they accept our application for membership. *fingers crossed*  LOL

Check out the Introductory Letter from the SCAN Public Negro Handbook, 1933 Edition

January 19, 1933

Dear Distinguished Negro,

Welcome! Your recent fame and success has lead you to the public life of a distinguished Negro. We at the Secret Council of American Negroes want to congratulate you on your newfound success. But with that success comes great responsibility as being a Negro does not mean one can simply relax and enjoy their new prominence, for in these difficult days since the Great Emancipation Negroes of note are scrutinized in ways that our fellow white Americans could ever imagine.

Because of this we have sent along the 1930 edition of our SCAN handbook, commonly referred as the “Bible” for newly famed Negroes. While you may take in the handbook at your leisure, encourage you to read it in its entirety to better prepare you for the life fame has brought you.

For a sampling of the knowledge to be found inside the tome, please read the passage from the first chapter of the book: [Click here for the rest of this post]

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Sorry for the temporary lack of postings, Negro

I love you guys so I need to apologize for the lack of postings since the 17th.  It’s and holidays and…I met a great guy.  I mean he could be the one…he’s so…wait, you don’t care about that.  LOL!  Sorry, sorry…I’m back though.


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Largest “Negro Collection” held by a Library

When Vivian Harsh started the Chicago Public Library’s “Special Negro Collection,” it had 300 books.Seventy-five years later, the collection has grown to 70,000 volumes, making it the second largest collection of its type held by any public library in the nation.

Saturday, the city celebrated the role played by Harsh — the city’s first African-American managing librarian — as well as the 75th anniversary of the George Cleveland Hall Branch library, 4801 S. Michigan, where she worked.

People “come from all over the world to see” what’s now called the Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature, curator Robert Miller said.

It includes 5,000 linear feet of documents, sheet music and manuscripts, as well as works from such authors as Langston Hughes and Richard Wright, who used to meet at the library during the 1930s and ’40s, along with Gwendolyn Brooks, Horace Cayton and Claude McKay.

The collection has grown so large that it had to be moved to the Carter G. Woodson Regional Library, 9525 S. Halsted. To see it, call (312) 745-2080.

Source: Chicago Sun Times

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Scrub Me Mama: Classic Racist Cartoon from the 40’s

“‘Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat’ is a 1940 hit boogie-woogie song written by Don Raye. A bawdy, jazzy tune, the song describes a laundry woman from Harlem, New York whose technique is so unusual that people come from all around just to watch her scrub.

The cartoon rendition is set in ‘Lazy Town’ and is awash with blackface stereotypes of African American people and culture, and of life in the rural Southern United States.”

This has to be one of the most gross displays of the stereotype the black people are lazy…it’s just grossly grossly presented.


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