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Change.gov: Website for the President-Elect

http://www.change.gov/ – I’m so glad that Obama is going to keep working with Social Networking/Web 2.0 technology during his presidency.

(CNN) – Barack Obama launched the official government Web site for the presidential transition on Thursday, giving it a look and feel that suggests the new president will utilize the Internet to a much greater degree than his predecessor.

The site is a slightly more formal-looking incarnation of Obama’s campaign web site that features a blue-shaded presidential seal and a countdown clock to the Inauguration on January 20. There are biographies not only of Obama and Joe Biden, but also the directors of his transition team: John Podesta, Valerie Jarrett and Pete Rouse. The web site outlines Obama’s policy agenda, on issues from Iraq to social security to urban policy.

While the site lacks the innovative community organizing tools that helped propel the Illinois senator to the presidency, one section of the site does ask for user-generated content, asking Americans to submit stories about “what this campaign and this election means to you” and “where President-Elect Obama should lead this country.”

There is a transition blog, which at the moment only features a video of Obama’s Tuesday victory speech in Chicago’s Grant Park.

One link on the site is sure to get a flood of clicks: the “Jobs” section.

“All staff appointments chosen for this administration will be committed to fulfilling Obama’s campaign promises, to rebuilding our government, and to serving the American people again,” the site says.

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Rock the Cradle: I feel some black foolishness coming on

I just saw the commercial for MTV’s new show, Rock the Cradle.

I feel some black foolishness coming on. Something just tells me that MC Hammer’s daughter, Bobby Brown’s son, and Al B. Sure’s son (Who goes by “Lil B. Sure”) = Drama. I don’t know why. Call me “Ms. Cleo”, but I just have a feeling. Oh…and it’s on MTV. They have championed Negroes looking foolish, so that just makes me feel more sure.

If you look around the net, you’ll see Hammer’s daughter’s name is listed as “Akeiba Burrell Hammer” (sometimes with a hyphen). Umm…her father’s given name is “Stanley Kirk Burrell“. Why would you add “Hammer” to your name like it’s a family name?!?!? I hope this is just a mess of misprints.

Lord…take me now!

Can someone tell me what that white makeup looking substance is on Bobby’s son’s face??? (Photos: Lil Al B. Sure, A’ Kieba Burrell, Landon Brown)

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You Gotta Hear Erykah’s New Song, Honey

http://whipmedia.com/erykahbadu/radio_ecard2.html – From her upcoming CD, NEW AMERYKAH
You can get it on Itunes! Email a Friend!

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I thought a racist was just a person who could run fast.

Remember when black comedians were actually funny and relevant?  Legends like Richard Pryor and Red Fox could be very profane…blue as my mom used to say…but they had a point.  My generation got to see a rebirth of that comedy on some level (not a complete rebirth) with Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam in the early nineties.   Def Comedy Jam helped to launch the careers of many now famous African-American stand-up comedians.  Jamie Fox, Martin Lawrence (original host), D. L. Hughley (new host), and Eddie Griffin are just some of the comedians who owe a debt of gratitude to the show.
Well, the laughs are back (Thank God, cause Puffy’s version was horrible and Comic View is just sub-par) in 2008.  I was watching the promo on HBO and I heard a comedian make the joke I used for the title of this post.  The folks in the promo were very funny, so I’m hoping that this will be the second coming of what is a classic show for my generation.  Uncle Russell has a hell of a track record, so no surprises here.

The New Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam premiered this past Sunday.  The show airs Sundays at 10 pm ET/PT (right after The Wire with encores on Fridays at midnight). As part of HBO On Demand’s “See It First,” new episodes will be available on HOD the Monday before their network premieres.  That’s hot.

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Juanita Bynum’s ex-husband has a new TELL ALL Book

Oh Lord, it was bound to happen. Bishop Thomas Weeks III (You can hear the interview he had recently with Tom Joyner on his site) has written a tell all book, What Love Taught Me – View the chapter list, sample info, and details at whatlovetaughtme.com. I smell a best seller…hey, Tyler Perry should by the movie rights NOW!! Today. Is it just me or did he write that book really really quick?

Can someone say…”The white usher gloves are off!“?? It’s on!

what love taught me
The site says that the book, “Uncovers the truth about the internet media driven controversy that has created the most talked about “dual religious and secular” public display in this modern day era of the worldwideweb community.” Ummm….Negro, Please…get over yourself. Continue reading


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African Dinosaur: Nigersaurus is the BEST Dinosaur

nigersaurusLOL LOL LOL. Now you know I was laughing when I saw the name of this new dinosaur, Nigersaurus taquet, that is on display at the National Geographic Society’s Headquarters in Washington, DC. It’s a grass eater and has a “vacuum cleaner mouth”. Now isn’t that just like a Niger dinosaur to have a big mouth…you know black folks have big mouths (I know I do). This Dino is one letter away from being the Niggersaurus. Then it would have to go on the “I apologize for being associated with the N-word” tour, and sit down with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. LOL

Source: Washington Post


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