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Foster Parents Reluctant to Adopt Dark-Skinned Kids

Arabs have Dark-Skinned vs. Light-Skinned issues too, huh?  I’ll add to them to the list of Blacks and Indians.  Must be all the African slaves and concubines in their ancestory.

ArabNews.com –  If you are an abandoned child seeking foster parents, your chances of being adopted are much higher if your skin is lighter, according to Najla Rida, the head of the Makkah branch of the Um Al-Qura Charity Organization.

The problem is that most orphans are not fair skinned. Rida says about 85 percent of them have African features and are unwanted by Saudi adoptive families who perceive these children to be outsiders.

“Their looks indicate that they are not of Saudi origin,” she said. “They are the children of illegal residents of Makkah.”

Rida says adoptive families make it clear that they aren’t interested in these children and specifically ask for light-skinned tots. She warn that this phenomenon of leaving these children — widely perceived to have been dumped by illegal aliens on the Saudi street or the product of extramarital affairs — will eventually exacerbate social problems

“These children grow up to hate Saudi society,” she said. “It will take us a long time to rehabilitate them. These children are the result of immoral relationships, poverty and lack of religious values.” Continue reading


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Neoslaves: Human Traffic of Children in West Africa

DAKAR (Source: Reuters) – Akissi was not even 10 when she was sent abroad from Togo to work as a domestic servant for a woman who beat her and twice forced chilli peppers into her vagina to punish her.

Now 15 and struggling to care for her 6-month-old baby and a husband who beats her, Akissi’s tale was discovered by researchers investigating the psychological effects of child trafficking in West Africa and the way it encourages abuse.

Researchers for U.S.-based non-profit development agency Plan International, who shared their findings with Reuters ahead of Monday’s World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, gave the girl the pseudonym Akissi to protect her identity.

Working with researchers, Akissi drew a “life-line”, with flowers to represent good experiences and stones for bad ones.

A green flower marks her return from domestic servitude in Benin to her village in Togo at the age of 12. A black stone indicates when she was raped there before her next birthday.

Akissi is severely traumatised by past and present abuse, and is at serious risk of committing suicide by consuming agricultural chemicals, having already tried to do so once, Plan researchers say.

“There are very few institutions ready to help them … there is no psychological support for these children. Their families do not understand, and sweep it under the carpet,” said Plan’s Serigne Mor Mbaye, who worked on the pilot research programme in Togo that interviewed Akissi.

“This really is the tip of the iceberg,” he said. Continue reading

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