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DC: Another Black Man gone in a Prince Georges County cell

This June 28, 2008 image provided by the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections shows Ronnie White. Maryland authorities say the death of White, 19, found slumped in his prison cell, was a homicide, a day after his arrest for running over and killing a Prince George’s County police officer. The Maryland Medical Examiner ruled Monday, June 30, 2008 that White died from asphyxiation and strangulation.

His family is “outraged” over his death, their attorney said Tuesday.

Ronnie White’s death is being investigated as a homicide by the FBI and Maryland state police. He died Sunday in the Prince George’s County Correctional Center from asphyxiation and strangulation, the state medical examiner said.

Read Cortland Milloy’s thoughts on the case – Black Leaders, Too, Should Be Accountable in Jail Death

NAACP calls for suspension of officers after inmate’s death – Baltimore Sun

Suspect’s death spurs outrage – Chicago Sun-Times

Officials said seven guards had access to White at the time of his death, as did an unspecified number of supervisors. Authorities are also investigating whether anyone from the outside had access to the inmate.

The FBI’s Baltimore field office said it has opened a civil rights investigation into White’s death. The Justice Department said Tuesday that federal prosecutors have been in contact with the state police and FBI as well as county prosecutors and the department’s own Civil Rights Division.

But some of the guards who had access to White have initially refused to talk to these investigators, said Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey.

Sources: AP and CNN

Disclaimer – I’m not in anyway saying the Mr. White’s alleged actions were right (who would say that mowing down someone with a truck and killing them is??). However…people who are in police custody should not turn up dead with no one wanting to talk and rat out their fellow officer. This is a mess that doesn’t help the public image of law enforcement, especially the Prince George’s County PD.


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Black Cop Shot to Death by Other Officers in NYC

“They’ve done it again,” the Rev. Al Sharpton told The New York Daily News, drawing a parallel to the 2006 slaying of Sean Bell by four New York officers in Queens. Officer Christopher Ridley, 23, reportedly was shot to death after running into a government building and calling for backup after witnessing an assault outside a homeless shelter as he drove to White Plains, the Daily News reports.”He went in and asked for assistance,” said the Rev. Franklyn Richardson of Mount Vernon ‘s Grace Baptist Church , said Sunday. “The police who came ended up killing him.” Richardson said that Ridley, who was off duty at the time, was not given medical attention for up to 20 minutes after fellow officers pumped four to five in the back of his head, chest, hip and wrist, Richardson said. – BET.com

Is there no accountability when it comes to police officers shooting black people? Is there no rhyme or reason. I thought I’d had it all for the week when the sista and her infant were shot!!! I know this has happened before, a black cop shot by other cops. It’s not a new thing. All I ask is…Can someone please change the manual, the protocol??? Learn what Negroes are on your team (hand out photos)…create a hand sign or a signal or something. Don’t shoot babies. Only the Klan and Nazis shoot babies…

I mean…not only…but you get my drift.


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Video: Cop Tasers 7 month pregnant Black Woman holding her son

Where is the outrage? Where is the media?

The FBI is investigating after a Trotwood police officer used a Taser on a pregnant woman on November 18. Trotwood Public Safety Director Michael Etter said the woman arrived at the police department asking to give up custody of her 1-year-old son.

Surveillance video from the police department shows the woman try to leave with the child. The officer then grabs her coat in an effort to get her to stop. Etter said the officer was doing what he thought was in the best interest of the 1-year-old boy.

The video shows the woman struggle with the officer, who then takes the child from her and gives the boy to another officer. The first officer then forces the woman down on her stomach, and he then deploys a Taser on her neck. Etter said the officer did not know the woman was pregnant.

“She did not disclose, even after she was arrested, that she was pregnant,” Etter said. He said the woman was wearing a large winter coat and had her child on her lap when she was talking to the officer.

Etter said the department is cooperating with the FBI investigation, and there is also an ongoing internal investigation to see if the use of force was warranted for the situation. Etter said the officer involved is still on duty.

Can anyone say…EXCESSIVE FORCE, ummm POLICE BRUTALITY… Continue reading

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