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Been Watching CNN’s Black in America?

What do you guys think so far of “Black in America“?  Are they telling you things you already know as an African American?  Do you think the content of the shows will help non-blacks have some insight into what it truly is to be “Black in America”?  Do you think the content is watered down, right on point, or TMI?

Are you like me and feel that the timing of this has a lot to do with getting people ready (warming them up) for a black president?

I’m looking forward to the “Black Woman & the Family” episode tonight @ 9pm.  How about you?


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CNN on Black In America

CNN is doing a whole lot of promotion and creating a lot activity around their “Black in America” series.  I’m glad to see it.  They’ve even teamed up with Essence Magazine for a special report, The Big Challenge
Those are some of my favorite black luminaries so I had to check it out.

“Abortion. Gay marriage. Immigration. For years we have debated these issues behind closed doors. Now GOP strategists are selling such subjects to us as the greatest threats to African-Americans, seizing on the conventional wisdom that we are politically liberal yet socially conservative. As 2008 approaches, we asked Black America’s keenest minds to weigh in on the real pressing issues we will need to deal with in the coming year.”  [Click here for what they had to say]

What do you have to say as an African American on the subjects of abortion, gay marriage, and immigration?

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The Worst “Moment of Truth” Clip

Karma is a Bitch, Kids! You really don’t want to experience it LIVE on nationals television.

This brother should have known better.


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Friday Five – Most Inspirational Black Songs

Here’s my list.

1. Negro National Anthem

2. Black Butterfly

3. Love’s in Need of a Love Today

4. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

5. We Shall Overcome

What are your inspirational five? 


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Barak Obama on the Tyra Banks Show

I know it’s a daytime talk show and all, but the questions Tyra asked of Presidential hopeful Barack Obama were….FLUFF. Can she and her mom have a sleep over in the Lincoln bedroom? OH, TYRA. I can understand the questions about his kids, his wife (their first date over ice cream), and his IPOD. She knows her audience…they aren’t interested in anything too deep. I just thought she would do some research and take this opportunity to have a real discussion with substance. A show that would help her audience make a good decision when they vote for President. I thought she would bring up issues they may be concerned about that they can ask of Barack and other candidates, research for themselves. Sigh, she could have gotten her “Barbara Walters Seriousness Realness” on!


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