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Jackie Mason: Calling Brothers “schvartze” again

When famous people get old they feel they can say anything and get away it with…like most elderly people can.  Not so.  Especially when you’ve gotten in trouble for saying something similar in the past.  I say that “schvartze” is a slur.  Period.   I agree with Sharpton though (yes, I’m surprised too).  He’s old…pray for him and leave him be.  At his age, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks or an old comedian to be PC.

Legendary funnyman Jackie Mason is getting jeers for referring to President Obama with a Yiddish word considered by many to be a racial epithet.

During his act Thursday night at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency on the upper East Side, Mason, 72, caused some fans to boo and walk out when he called Obama a “schvartze,” which is Yiddish for black.

“I’m an old Jew. I was raised in a Jewish family where ‘schvartze‘ was used,” an unapologetic Mason told TMZ.com Sunday night.

“It’s not a demeaning word and I’m not going to defend myself.” Mason then went on a rant about racism, saying, “If it’s a racist society, the white people are the ones being persecuted because they have to defend themselves.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton noted that in 1991 Mason apologized for calling former Mayor David Dinkins “a fancy schvartze with a mustache.”

“At this stage in Jackie’s life and career, he should get our prayers more than our responses,” Sharpton said.

source: NY Daily News


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Charlie Sheen called his wife a n-word 3+ years ago…and?

Charlie Sheen has apologized for the voice mail message that came out this week where he calls his former wife, Denise Richards, amond other things the N-word (actually he called her an f***ing n-word…Perez Hilton has the transcript). And???? Black people, are we surprised? Do we not realize that the n-word is being used to describe all kinds of people, all over the world? It’s a slur. Look it up in the dictionary sometime.

In the apology he says,
“I deeply apologize by my choice of words to all I have obviously offended; especially to Tony Todd, an African-American, who was my best man at my first two weddings,” Sheen said in a statement on Wednesday.

[shaking my head] Damn, he had to apologize to his “black friend” on that one. Wow…lol. As they say, “You know you done f’d up, right?”

“And for the record, my children did not show up today for a custodial visit without explanation. So three and one-half years later, the reasons that caused the anger and frustration displayed on that voicemail continue to be manifested on a daily basis.”

I’m sure there are some brothers out there who can relate and who have called their baby momma an n-word or two when it comes to seeing their kids or (of course) child support. Let that be a lesson for yall. Let your baby daddy see his kids, Shoot!!

I hope all of hollywood has learned by now…don’t leave anything in a voice mail message that you don’t want to hear on TMZ and the gossip blogs in the future. Make a note, people!!! Ask Mr. Baldwin and that punk Dog Chapman. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

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Dog the Bounty Hunter and the N-word

Do we really expect Dog to love Negroes…really??? I’ve watched his show and I’m not surprised for some reason. The funny thing is that he was asking his son to break up with his girlfriend because he often uses the N-word and doesn’t want it to end up in the Enquirer and ruin his television career. Listen to the audio tapes (from the National Enquirer Website):
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Duane “Dog” Chapman has prompted a cable network to stop production on his show after a private phone call in which he used a racial slur was posted on the Internet.Honolulu-based Chapman, 54, stars in the A&E cable show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” broadcast in more than 10 countries.

“We take this matter very seriously,” A&E said in a statement on Thursday. “Pending an investigation, we have suspended production on the series. When the inquiry is concluded, we will take appropriate action.”

In the conversation posted on The National Enquirer tabloid’s Web site, Chapman tells his son Tucker he does not want the young man dating a black woman and uses the epithet “n—–” to describe her.

Chapman, who says he is a devout Christian, apologized in a statement and said he was disappointed in himself. He vowed to do whatever he could to repair the damage he had caused.

“My sincerest, heartfelt apologies go out to every person I have offended for my regrettable use of very inappropriate language,” said Chapman, whose long blond hair and leather wardrobe helped to make him a TV hit.

The show follows Chapman and his “posse” as they chase down people who skip bail and fail to show up in court. Source: Reuters

My question…if he was having a convo with his son…who taped him and who gave the audio to the Enquirer?? And DammitTMZ says he wants to meet with Al Sharpton. Opportunity knocks, publicity…blah, blah. I need someone to send AL the “Nigger Guy” episode of South Park. I loved it…they had Jesse Jackson pulling down his pants so Stan’s dad could kiss his ass = “apologize”.


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