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Friday Question: Do we still have real elections in America…

…or is it just a glorified popularity content conducted by parties, corporations, and the popular media?  Do our votes really count or do corporations control the president and congress in the end anyway?  Is america’s government determined by the people?  Are politicians just a type of celebrity?

Weigh in


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Black Pantene Commercials: Is that real hair?

I just saw one of the Pantene Relaxed and Natural commercials (the one where the lead has like a thousand ringlets and they are having a “picnic” or something) and I’m asking the question…is that the lead model’s real hair? Sure, sure I know they use fake hair in all kinds of hair care product commercials for all races. I mean…I’ve seen very few women who have hair the reflects light like a mirror. However, when it comes to black women, I’d love to know if that’s a wig, half a head of weave, a few pieces for fullness…what??

One or two times I’ve seen that Pantene tries to be true to the natural in the title of their products, relaxed and natural. I’ve seen older models with very short hair cuts and models with kinky weaves. However, I’m a black woman who loves hair…I know a weave when I see one. I may not know the number of bags of hair or the color (1B is my fave when it comes to braid hair), but I know about texture and sheen. Nothing says weave like you real permed hair being kinda lack luster or dry and your weave being “just permed” shiny.

I’d be interested to know any black women out there like the line. I’ve read a few bad reviews. Hair care products can be a very particular thing when it comes to black women. My mom used the same comb for years and years, and would be pissed when it got misplaced. I’ve talked to sisters about perm strengths and hot oil treatments vs. cream conditioning treatments. The opinions abound in hairland. I think Pantene just wants a piece of the black hair market pie…and that’s a huge pie. I’m not mad at them.


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