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Hate group membership on the rise after Obama nomination

There should be no surprise that the possibility of an African American president would encourage membership in groups like the KKK that are blatantly anti-African American (anti-African, Jew, Gay, Catholic, Asian…etc. You know, haters in general.) The media has done some “research” on the trend. Take a look…

Hate Groups’ Newest Target: White Supremacists Report an Increase in Visits to Their Web Sites – Washington Post

Racist groups gaining members because of Obama: Hate experts reporting resurgence of activity by white supremacists – Florida Courier

Racist groups may exaggerate their reach
Kansas City Star

Never trust a Klansman to give accurate membership numbers.

So recent reports that Web-based hate group activities are up dramatically because of Barack Obama’s presidential run may not be the whole story.

Unfortunately, the Internet has given hate groups a convenient outlet to spread their vile attitudes. And no doubt the idea of the first black president has riled some mostly anonymous racists. Continue reading


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Black Firsts Still Happening in 2008: First Black Firefighter in Denton

Denton ‘s fire department is hiring its first African American recruit in its 140 year history.  Delante Bell will join the department next month.  The fact that Denton has never had an African American fire recruit may sound surprising, but not to most firefighters.

The City of Denton has worked for years to put more minorities in their fire house. To help with the quest they even hired someone to help. Quinten Brown is African American and has been with the Denton Fire Department for two years.

Brown’s firefighting days and training happened in New Orleans. The Denton Fire Department hired him as a recruiter. Denton , like many fire departments nationwide, has a tradition handed down for generations of white firefighters.

Brown says luring African Americans into the recruiting pool has been a decade’s long struggle. “It’s probably international as well. We really have to be assertive about going out and attracting these very capable individuals who can do the job.”

The Denton Fire Department has made a concerted effort to put African Americans on the fire lines. They not only hired Brown to recruit, but changed hiring procedures to ensure that more people advance from the written exam to the interview process.

“I think every department has a ways to go,” says Denton Fire Department Deputy Chief Mark Klingele. “This is not just a Denton Fire Department problem, it’s an industry problem. Fire departments across the country face the same issues that we do and we’re just one department trying to find our way through this mess.”

Source: cbs11tv.com

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