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Never Can Say Goodbye: RIP Michael Jackson

I’m in shock.  Really.  Michael Jackson has died today, so suddenly.  It’s a shame.

I was on the Metro (Red Line…I’m never scared) around 5:45 and I heard someone say “Michael Jackson died”.  Well that just sounded like craziness.  There was a quick rebuttal from another random passenger saying, “NO, he just went into cardiac arrest.”  While losing all function of your heart is no simple matter and from what I hear 90% of the time leads to coma or death…The thought that came to my mind was “OH, that’s all. Mike will be alright”.  I went on to the gym and was greeted by CNN’s coverage.  At the time, they hadn’t confirmed Jackson’s death and were quoting the LA Times and AP Wire.  In an interview on CNN, Brian Osman (Jackson Family spokesperson) basically compared Jackson’s situation to Anna Nicole in terms of drug abuse.  Heavy allegations.  That’s serious.  Shortly after that, the LA coroner’s office confirmed Michael Jackson died today at the age of 50.

Somebody tell me this is just a publicity stunt.  Somebody roll the secret footage.

Damn.  The King is dead.  No comeback album.  No colabo with Prince, or Beyonce, or the Jonas Brothers.  Damn.  This is worse than Luther.   If Stevie Wonder goes anytime soon, I’m not going to make it.

Rest in Peace, Michael.  I never will say goodbye.  “Though I try and try to hide my feelings, they always seem to show…don’t wanna let you go…”

Sidenote: [Updated: In the last 24 hours over 70,000] people have come to this site today and viewed the post on Michael Jackson’s children (one of our most popular posts).  Why?  I have no clue.  Keywords make the world go round I guess.


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RIP Sean Levert

Love goes out to the Levert family as they have lost another son, Sean.  One of three members of the R&B trio LeVert and son of O’Jays singer Eddie Levert, has died after falling ill while serving a jail term for approx. $85,000 in owed child support (non-support). He was 39.Levert was sent to the Cuyahoga County jail last week for failing to pay child support. He died at Lutheran Hospital in Cleveland late Sunday, less than an hour after he was taken there from the jail.

His brother Gerald Levert, died in 2006 at age 40 of an accidental mix of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

From what I understand his sentence was 1 year and 10 months.  I didn’t even know they would give you that much time for child support!!!  AND…from what I’ve been told…you still owe the money when you get out.  My question though, with all due respect, is, “Why didn’t his family just pay the bill?” 

Source: AP  


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RIP Johnnie Carr

On Friday, Johnnie Carr, the childhood friend of Rosa Parks who took the reins of the Montgomery Improvement Association from Dr. Martin Luther King, died Friday. She was 97.  Carr remained active in civil rights, running the association that led the Montgomery Bus Boycott from 1967 until her death. “Johnnie Carr is one of the three major icons of the Civil Rights Movement: Dr. King, Rosa Parks and Johnnie Carr,” Morris Dees, co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, told The Associated Press. “I think ultimately, when the final history books are written, she’ll be one of the few people remembered for that terrific movement.”

During her tenure at the association, she worked tirelessly to improve race relations, helping desegregate Montgomery schools by naming her then-13-year-old son, Arlam, as the plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit.

Source: BET News 

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RIP Donda West: Sending out love to Kanye

Donda West
Donda West joined her son, Kanye West, backstage at the 48th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in 2006. (AP photo by Reed Saxon / February 8, 2006)

It’s always terribly hard to lose a loved one, especially your mother. Hello, Negro is sending out lots of love and peace to Kanye West on the death of his mother, Donda West, who passed on Saturday.  Your fans, family, and yes, Jesus too, we all walk with you during this time, my brother!!  Blessings

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