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The Cutest: Senator Obama and the Mrs

Too cute right. Every kid want to dress up as their hero for Halloween, right?  Click here for more photos.


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Obama to Accept Nom on 45th Anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream”

“Barack Obama will accept the Democratic nomination for President on August 28th — the 45th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech. In many ways, Senator Obama’s nomination as president is a fulfillment of a dream — a dream long deferred — envisioning a country where people would ‘not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.'”Rev Jesse Jackson Jr. for Huffington Post

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Barack might have Al in his cabinet, no not Sharpton

 Obama said Wednesday he wants Gore for his administration. (CNN) — Al Gore has a spot in a potential Barack Obama administration, the Illinois senator said Wednesday.Asked at a campaign event if he’d consider Gore for his cabinet, Obama immediately said he would.

” I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we solve this [climate change] problem,” Obama said.

Obama also said he talks with the former vice president on a “regular basis,” and often consults with him on climate change issues.

Could Gore serve alongside Bill Clinton in an Obama administration? Last November, the Illinois senator said he’d offer the former president a job “in a second.”

“There are few more talented people [than Clinton],” Obama said then.
CNN’s Alex Mooney and Chris Welch

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McCain calls Obama a “confused leader”, Obama counters

McCain knows what is “sure to come”, as my grandmother used to say.  This campaign season…Lord help!  It’s getting uglier and uglier day by day.

Senator McCain comfortably won the Republican primary in Wisconsin with 55 per cent of the vote to the former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee’s 37 per cent. And he was leading easily in the Washington state caucuses at press time. He has already begun honing the lines he will use against Senator Obama.

“I will do everything in my power to make sure the American people are not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change,” he said from Ohio in his victory speech.

Senator Obama’s words offered “no more than a holiday from history and failed policies that rely on government intervention in the lives of Americans”, he said.

Senator McCain vowed to save America from the risk of a “confused leader” who had proposed bombing America’s ally Pakistan, and who has said he would sit down with America’s enemies.

Senator Obama shot back in a speech he delivered before 20,000 people in Houston, Texas. “Strong countries and strong presidents talk to their enemies, without resort to war,” he said.

“John McCain is a genuine American hero but when he embraces George Bush’s failed economic policies, when he says he will send troops into a 100-years war, he represents the failed policies of yesterday.”

Senator Obama continued his attack on Senator Clinton as the establishment candidate, although he did not name her. He said the problem was not a lack of good ideas, but that Washington was the place where “good ideas went to die”.

In the Democratic race, the battle now turns to Texas and Ohio, which vote on March 3. Both are must-win states if Senator Clinton wants to keep her presidential hopes alive.

A new SurveyUSA poll has Senator Clinton leading 52-43 in Ohio (down from 56-39 a week ago), while in Texas the two candidates are said to be neck and neck.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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Video: Barack Obama’s Tribute to Dr. King

THIS is truly inspiring!  Pass it on.  Barack…you’re growing on me man…I’m feeling you!!!

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Creflo Dollar refusing to comply with Congressional inquires?

EVERYBODY has to pay the government.  As a former member of a name it and claim it, money mongering church…I know that the federal government must be able to smell the many cash cow churches that are ripe for a tax shakedown milking.  I hope they take these pastors for broke if they have not been giving Uncle Sam his just due.  God knows there is an awful lot of money being given to these churches in the name of God.  Someone should be holding them accountable…why not Congress.  If you are not using the church’s money to feed the poor, spread the gospel, etc…what are you doing with it.  If you are doing the Lord’s work…for real…why would it matter who sees your books.  Rolls Royce for the Lord…yeah right!  There needs to be a separation between church and “estate”, if you know what I mean!!!

From BET.com – Televangelist Creflo Dollar, who, under pressure from a leading U.S. senator, acknowledged that his Atlanta-based mega-church raked in a cool $69 million last year, is refusing to submit to any more congressional inquiries into his church’s finances without a subpoena from the IRS.

Dollar, pastor of World Changers Church International in College Park, Ga., is one of six TV preachers who were asked by Sen. Charles Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, to submit full financial documents, showing salaries, luxury purchases, and even gifts to other preachers and the individuals who comprise their boards.  The churches, whose pastors preach that God wants Christians to be wealthy, include Bishop Eddie Long, the only other African-American being probed and the leader of a huge church and ministry in Lithonia, Ga. Continue reading


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Creflo, Meyers Hinn, White, Long might be doing a different type of testifying

Finally…Thank you GOD! You can’t live lavish off of Non-Profit dollars. The Government always wants their take. LOL

Senator Charles E. Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is investigating six prominent evangelistic ministries to determine whether they have illegally used donations to finance opulent lifestyles.

Mr. Grassley said yesterday that he sent letters to the six Christian ministries on Monday requesting documents to answer a long list of questions about their compensation, housing allowances, checking and savings accounts, cars, airplanes and overseas trips. They have until Dec. 6 to respond.

These ministries are being investigated:

  • The Rev. Creflo A. Dollar Jr. and his wife, Taffi, of World Changers Church International, based in College Park, Ga., popular prosperity preachers with churches and homes in New York City and Georgia.
  • Paula and Randy White, a dynamic young couple who started Without Walls International Church and Paula White Ministries in Tampa, Fla., but who are now divorcing. Mr. Grassley wants them to document clothing expenses and any cosmetic surgery from 2004 to the present.
  • Benny Hinn of World Healing Center Church, a showy faith healer based in Grapevine, Tex., who holds large crusades around the world. Mr. Hinn is being asked how he handles cash collected on his overseas crusades and how much he spent on hotels and food for himself and his staff members during layovers on his trips from 2001 to the present.
  • Joyce Meyer, who with her husband, David, runs Joyce Meyer Ministries from Fenton, Mo., and who is popular especially with women for her no-nonsense brand of self-help. Mr. Grassley wants her to explain the “tax-exempt purpose” of purchases including a “commode with marble top” bought for $23,000 for her headquarters.
  • Bishop Eddie L. Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga., a megachurch in the Atlanta suburbs with an active media ministry.
  • Kenneth and Gloria Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries of Newark, Tex.

The ministries, although far larger and more diversified than the average church, are classified by the Internal Revenue Service as churches and do not have to file the I.R.S. 990 forms required for other nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Grassley’s letter says that since these ministries are tax exempt, contributions to them must be used for the “tax-exempt purposes of the organizations.”

If donations were diverted for personal use, that could violate the tax code.

Source: New York Times

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