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Will there be drama?: Obama on The O’Reilly Factor tonight

Weigh in: Will some drama go down tonight on The O’Reilly Factor when Bill welcomes Barack Obama to the show, or will it be a civil exchange? Will the truce stand or will Bill try to treat Obama like Ludacris?

What do you think?

Whatever happens, I think it may be enough to take the spotlight away from Sarah Palin for a day…or two.


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The root of all evil: Dollar Bill Poem

Keep it real, Dollar Bill.


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Rock the Cradle: I feel some black foolishness coming on

I just saw the commercial for MTV’s new show, Rock the Cradle.

I feel some black foolishness coming on. Something just tells me that MC Hammer’s daughter, Bobby Brown’s son, and Al B. Sure’s son (Who goes by “Lil B. Sure”) = Drama. I don’t know why. Call me “Ms. Cleo”, but I just have a feeling. Oh…and it’s on MTV. They have championed Negroes looking foolish, so that just makes me feel more sure.

If you look around the net, you’ll see Hammer’s daughter’s name is listed as “Akeiba Burrell Hammer” (sometimes with a hyphen). Umm…her father’s given name is “Stanley Kirk Burrell“. Why would you add “Hammer” to your name like it’s a family name?!?!? I hope this is just a mess of misprints.

Lord…take me now!

Can someone tell me what that white makeup looking substance is on Bobby’s son’s face??? (Photos: Lil Al B. Sure, A’ Kieba Burrell, Landon Brown)

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Reality Show Casting: The Black Woman’s Guide to Marrying Well

I got this info today and thought some of you Sistas might be interested. – Sista

I’m Executive Producer of the new reality television show, “The Black Woman’s Guide to Marrying Well” that will air Fall 2008. Currently, we’re looking for single black women in search of their soul mate who’d like the opportunity to find him (or figure out why they haven’t as of yet) on our show. Please link our casting blog to your site and tell everyone you know to audition at one of our nationwide castings. Thanks so much! Visit the casting blog at http://blackwomansguide.blogspot.com.Kassandra Vaughn, Executive Producer and CEO, Clean Slate Films

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Reality TV: Big Brother Africa

I didn’t even know there was a Big Brother Africa…and they are on the third season. And…the prize is only $100,000, however that’s a lot of money in most African countries. If they showed this show in the states…on cable…I would watch. I think it would be interesting to see how African brothers and sistas deal with they type of reality show scenario.

The official website says…”The African continent has witnessed three successful BB versions since 2001. Big Brother South Africa, Big Brother Africa I and Big Brother Nigeria which saw lasting friendships being formed and romances blossomed. There was laughter, tears, emotion and intrigue. Showdowns and drama galore – but a whole heap of good times too. Continue reading

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You are the FATHER!! Well, maybe not…

The Blogosphere is buzzing with news that Maury’s Paternity test shows may not be Real.


Surprise, Surprise…duh!  Well, I know many black people love watching those shows.  Too bad, you’ll have to lump them in with Wrestling and other live action television fiction.

Here’s what MediaTakeOut is saying…MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Maury’s talk show is caught in its very own paternity scandal. According to tabloid reports, guests on his popular Paternity Test episodes are frequently acting.

Last year, a guest named Lashana appeared on Mary’s show looking to find the father of her son Jeremiah. But Lashana is now claiming her appearance was a complete fraud.

According to Lashana, she contacted Maury’s producers and asked to give three men paternity tests, but they all declined. The show’s producers then reportedly convinced Lashana to find any other man she knew and bring him on the show.

When Lashana found a man Anthony, she told producers that he wasn’t the father of her son. But the producers didn’t seem to mind. They just drafted up a script for Lashana and Anthony to recite on stage.

According to Lashana’s mother, the entire appearance was scripted. She was quoted as saying, “Everything was scripted. Anthony had to call Lashana a whore and swear he wasn’t the father. Lashana had to cry and I had to be mad at Anthony … and when Maury opened the DNA envelope and reveal that Anthony wasn’t the father, he had to jump around and do cartwheels.”


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Imus is back in December: Your fault

Someone asked what I think about Imus coming back to the airwaves in December. The disgraced radio host has inked a deal with Citadel Broadcasting that will have him back in cars, kitchens and wherever else the airwaves reach on Dec. 3. Imus’ new morning show will be based out of Citadel’s New York talk station, WABC-AM, and will be syndicated through ABC Radio Networks.

“We are ecstatic to bring Don Imus back to morning radio,” WABC president and general manager Steve Borneman said Thursday. “Don’s unique brand of humor, knowledge of the issues and ability to attract big-name guests is unparalleled. He is rested, fired up and ready to do great radio.”

He is rested? Is he repentant?

Well…by and large Imus’s radio audience is comprised of people who think like him. From what I read during the whole “Nappy Headed Hoe” ordeal, saying questionable and insensitive things is something he’s done for years. Obviously his audience is made up of people who agree with and support his views. These are the people who will happily welcome him back into their cars, ipods, cublicles, etc. I’m sure there were people who petitioned, contacted networks, and wrote letters in support of Imus. In the end, there are 2 very important things that I’d like to note. Continue reading


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